Landing Page Design Trends That Will Rock in 2021

The excitement of creating landing pages is that it offers us the ability to experiment with design, copy, layout, etc. in order to attract our potential target customers, ultimately, converting them into leads by increasing business reach. Boosting businesses with the perfect landing page design services is a one-stop solution to which everyone says yes. With well-versed and trendy landing page designs, users can find memorable and clickable places that can drive sales and tell a unique brand story. Designers focus on the latest digital trends to design a professional landing page in order to offer guaranteed & satisfactory results. And you can guarantee that unlimited graphic design services will surely deliver by creating a well-designed and high-converting landing page for your business. In this reading, we will focus on major elements of landing page design and the top trends in 2021.

Key Elements of Highly-Converting Landing Pages?

 We can consider landing page optimization as both art & science. There are numerous key components that help you to make an amazing landing page experience for users such as:

  • Headline – as value proportion
  • Supporting copy
  • Layouts
  • Color
  • Call to action
  • Media (Videos, images, Audio & Other Graphics)
  • Social Proof (Testimonials, customer logos, Location)

It is necessary to involve these elements to find the best-performing landing page variations. For instance, Designhill logo maker can help you with creating professional logo’s within minutes. It is not possible to create the perfect landing page on the very first attempt, it will take some iteration to see the awesome results you’re after. If you heard about HubSpot, then you will find that it makes landing page assessment super easy to check and understand which page variation is performing best.

Top Trends of Landing Page Designs

 Here is the list of best web design and landing page trends for 2021:

 1. Background Video

The proper utilization of background video on a landing page can help visitors to consider plain-jane, static design & increase public engagement by boosting the site’s traffic. DITTO is the best example of this. They focus on some basic rules to enhance landing page variations and give the best visual experience.

  1. Never take away your focus from the main value proportion.
  2. Video optimization is very necessary, try to reduce its file size (7-10MB max)
  3. Visitors don’t like jerky videos with a lot of cuts & distractions, so always select videos with continuous flow.
  4. Using relevant & high-quality videos can help you to promote the right message to your visitors.
  5. Suggested Reading by Toptal: Landing Page Design: Building the Ultimate Landing Page.

2. Oversized Typography

 One of the initial and simplest ways to get your value proposition to make your landing page more attractive is to make the font much larger and more visible. it helps visitors to understand the message that you want them to get effectively. This trend has quickly emerged to give a better understanding and online reading experience to visitors.

For better understanding, you can take a pause and think about your reading patterns while reviewing this post. I bet you have considered at least three out of the below-given points.

  • Quickly scrolled through the page & scanned the major headlines.
  • Reading the bold & bullet text point only.
  • Reviewing the post images carefully
  • Scrolled up the whole page to the bottom before reading.

Through the above points, it is clear that the online reading behavior of visitors has changed typography and landing page visibility experience, that’s why it is also necessary to prefer skim-able content creation to make landing pages more attractive.

3. Minimalism

As we all have heard saying that “less is more” and there are many cases when it is counted as reality.  Especially when it comes to the landing page design. Minimal landing page design is all about considering both written & visual content so that it cannot visually overwhelm visitors whenever they first come and hit your webpage, here we can see two major benefits:

  • Web page loading speed optimization: Clean (pun intended) and optimized page design enhances the webpage loading speed. The faster loading times can improve the conversation rate too.
  • Improved Cognitive load: In a fancy way, it can be said that these days people’s brains will understand what’s going on much faster. In other words, minimal design improves the cognitive load of the landing page that allows visitors to digest quickly changed designs especially when it’s related to higher conversion rates.

4. Custom Illustrations

Customs illustration on the landing page has been seen as a big trend in early 2020 that’s sure to grow in popularity in 2021. As it is not that much hard to believe the trend of custom illustrations technique has played its role to make landing pages more eye-catching and original. It also offers a variety of options to visitors in order to communicate with your brand and understand the major aspects of what you actually want them to know. It is the greatest resource for those who want cost-effective and time-oriented service to optimize their landing page.


The year 2021 is expected to bring new products, services, and offers for the world to do a thorough evaluation and become a part of revolutionary changes in the field of technology. One of the best solutions to cut through the noise and make sure that your brand stands apart from the crowd, it is necessary to understand how the design hardscape designs are fluctuating and adapting new and fast technology.

Here, we encourage you to use and experiment with these top 4 landing page trends and improve your conversion rates effectively. You can use different landing page experimental tools available online to optimize your landing page and start enhancing your converting leads today.

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