Kitchen sinks: The benefits of finding the right appliance for your daily chores


Whether you call it a sink or a basin, the deep-bowl comes in handy for soaking and washing utensils. You can access this for other washing needs also, such as cleaning fresh produce. Many homes dedicate a separate space for this feature to avoid water splashing. If you have to deal with tons of dirty dishes every day, you can wash them in the deep basin. Sometimes, you may want to do other tasks also while the pots and pans soak in water. Again, in that case, it can emerge to be a dependable appliance. So, if you want to replace or add a new one in your kitchen, it is better to consider different options. After all, the ease of use and convenience can help your daily chores.

Kitchen sinks can be available in various mounting styles, such as undermount, apron-front, etc. But if you wish to bask in the higher aesthetic appeal, go with the top-mount options. You can install a drop-in or top-mount sink in an existing countertop in its pre-cut hole. Since it attaches to the workspace at the same height, you get an extensive area to use or perform your tasks. Plus, the bowl’s depth can be another functional highlight of this feature that can be impossible to ignore. For an experience, you can check a Kraus kitchen sink collection. You will realize how vast this category is and what you can do to achieve your goals.

If you haven’t been able to take a call about a specific choice, you need to study the benefits to understand its utility. It will elevate your confidence to determine the right feature. Here are some points that can come in handy for this purpose. Let’s explore.

Buying a basin for your kitchen

The installation type

As hinted already, top-mount kitchen sinks can be the perfect solution for your cozy cooking zone for various reasons. The self-rimming orientation allows it to settle down with any countertop material hassle-free. It means you don’t have to think twice before building a laminate, tile, or stone workstation. You can install it directly into any of these surfaces. Then, its quick installation time is another critical aspect. You have to put it in a pre-cut hole and seal it. A few things may also be needed to secure its position from under the counter. But all this doesn’t take much time and effort, unlike an undermount model.

The top-mount kitchen sinks with their self-rimming lip transfer their weight to the adjacent counter space to avoid any risk. Since they snugly sit into the hole, you don’t have to stress about their fitting. Besides, some believe that self-rimming sinks tend to be more hygienic compared to undermount basins. The exposed edges on the top enable you to keep them clean with disinfectants. You don’t get this facility with undermount designs because there can be hidden crevices where problems like bacteria and mold can quickly occur.

If you wish to make your future kitchen upgrades also easy, you don’t have to look beyond this installation style. You can replace your old sink with the new one effortlessly. The countertop can stay the way it is if you don’t want to rework on it. You cannot expect this flexibility with other options, though.

The choice of size

When you shop for a drop-in sink, you know there cannot be any size issue. From under 20 to up to 35 inches, these can come in different lengths. You have to select the suitable choice based on your needs and space. For instance, if you have an additional area in your kitchen, you can opt for a smaller bar or prep kitchen sink of 20 inches or less than that. You cannot wash dirty dishes in this. But it can be useful for cleaning fruits or veggies or washing hands. You can also access it for drinking water. In essence, if you want to keep your main sink free from traffic, it can be a nice, perfect thing to take.

However, if you require an oversized sink for all small and bigger activities, you can consider selecting 30 to 33 inches. These are standard sizes for any kitchen, regardless of the amount of space it has. For a spacious cooking area, you don’t have to hesitate about a 35-inch basin.

No matter which length you pick, you can rest assured that the appliance’s top-mount orientation will do justice to the oversize, making it an appropriate choice for your beautiful kitchen. You cannot expect this advantage from the farmhouse or undermount varieties, though.

Other aspects of the top-mount sink

While it can be an entirely justified choice for you, there are a few things that you need to know beforehand. For instance, the self-rimming design can be one of its superior aesthetic features. But it can hinder your daily cleaning process. Because of the sink and countertop’s overlapping edges, you cannot clean your area in one sweep. The food and water remnants can get stuck in the borders. At the same time, the exposed rims can eat into the countertop space a bit. If you like to optimize your workstation, you may not feel happy about this part.

Going by this, you may not be sure what to do. In case of a dilemma, it is essential to realize that every design can have certain flaws. Nothing is ever perfect. To do away with confusion, you have to weigh your option on both positive and negative parameters. Despite a few drawbacks, if a particular choice still seems useful, you don’t have to worry about going with that. That’s why there can be some drawbacks with top-mount kitchen sinks too. Yet, you have to recognize its actual value and performance.

You can trust this design to fit faster and quickly for its smooth installation process, which you might not get with others. Just make sure you buy your product from a trusted store only. Only a branded company can ensure high quality and long-lasting use.

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