The Process of Eradicating Lead Paint from Your Home!

The fact that lead paint was banned some thirty years back is pretty commonly known. But do you know that you can still find them in most of the houses which were built then? And when you are renovating your present home, there are very high chances that you will find this material in your foundation at some point or another. And it goes without saying that the dangers attached to its exposure are too many.

Ø Making your home safe from the dangers of lead paint!

If you listen to the health experts, they’ll specify the fact that even a small amount of lead paint in the home is a ‘big no’ for you. Just keep following the below guidelines to ensure your home is lead-paint-proof:

o Safe removal begins with awareness — The first step for making your home lead paint free is to get it inspected by experts about its presence. In short, if your property is a decade old, hire home inspectors to inspect the property and confirm the presence of lead paint. If it’s present, take all the necessary precautions to stay safe against it and if not, continue with your renovation work without any hassles.

o Chipped lead paint is totally dangerous — If you find lead paint that’s chipped or flaked in the house, then just don’t delay the matter anymore. Get the children out of the place and call the experts for lead paint removal immediately. Asbestos Australia will instantly be there at your venue and remove it in the best possible ways through their expert team and the possible danger in your home won’t be present anymore.

o Experts say untouched lead paint doesn’t need moving — When your lead paint is still in its best form and there isn’t any possible sign of it getting spoiled for some more years, the experts will recommend you to leave it in its existing condition for now.

o Choosing the alternatives of lead paint removal — If you aren’t yet ready to disturb the lead paint and face the dangerous risks attached to it, there are alternatives available for you. You can try “encapsulation” — which means coating a second protective layer of a specific liquid that provides safety against this lead paint for long and doesn’t let it budge from its solid form during all this time. Another method to opt for in such a situation is “enclosure” — which means adding a protective layer of vinyl or drywall that almost traps this paint in its basic form and you are saved from the dangers of its exposure.

Remember, lead paint removal is much more dangerous than their presence in your home. With the above listed steps, you can tackle lead paint in your home conveniently without causing any danger to your health.

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