Common Concrete Grinding and Polishing Mistakes That Ruin Your Floor’s Perfection!

For years now, concrete has been known as a functional and utilitarian flooring option with almost no beauty or aesthetic value attached to it! It was ironic to see such an astounding flooring option to not get its worth of favoritism just because it wasn’t styled to look, designer! But today designers are playing with concrete, making it the hottest trend in interiors – residential or industrial. Be it focal walls of designer flooring, countertops to bathtubs – you find concrete everywhere.

The mistakes in grinding and polishing that’s enough to destroy the aesthetic beauty of your floor!

No doubt concrete is widely used. And naturally, you desire the best outcome from this investment of yours! But what if you find it looking strange and not so spectacular after the final finish? It’s weird and disappointing! That is why you should always call the best team of professionals in concrete grinding in Melbourne like GrindWorks. They provide an unmatchable service of concrete grinding and polishing for four decades and know almost all aspects of this job perfectly. But in case you are trying to do it yourself, do track these mistakes that commonly happen during concrete grinding by amateurs and better stay away from them!

o Selecting the wrong bond of concrete and diamonds — The common saying of, “diamonds are forever” isn’t the case when the synthetic particles (called diamonds) that are used for the concrete cutting blade are concerned. If you aren’t using the right bond of cement and diamonds, it impacts the final outcome and looks of your concrete floor which consequently affects the aesthetic beauty of your place.

o Running the grinder too fast — We know you are in a super rush to finish your concrete laying job. But that doesn’t mean you should grind the same very speedily. But just decreasing the speed isn’t enough, regulating the proper speed and providing the right pressure is essential to get the perfect layer of concrete on your floor.

o Getting low quality diamonds for the task — Yes, price isn’t always a deciding factor of the good or bad quality of any material. But, sometimes you find diamonds at a very low rate and without any support from the manufacturer which later proves a drastic mistake for you! Such low quality diamonds get damaged during the grinding process and even scratch the floor while laying the concrete.

o Not understanding the proper procedure of grinding — The right procedure of grinding is dependent on two very important factors – the previous coatings on the floor and the final polish you are trying to achieve. Like, there is a separate process of grinding and polishing for a floor that has ceramic tiles, epoxy coatings, VTC, etc. And if you are looking for cream polish or heavy aggregate exposure, etc., then you have to choose your diamond bond accordingly.

These mistakes are seen most commonly in concrete grinding and polishing procedure. It goes without saying that it’s best if you avoid these mistakes. After all, you always want your floor to look perfect and sparkling without any imperfections! 

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