Biometric Verification Technology Permeating in the Education Sector

Biometric verification is permeating in different aspects of our lives. With facial recognition technology, iris scanning, vein pattern verification the authentication process can be done seamlessly. This technology is much more secure and accurate without the need for installing additional hardwares.

This is the reason it is being adopted by every business sector. This technology brings convenience on the table as you do not have to remember codes or passwords, just a selfie will be enough to verify you. Like many other sectors, facial recognition technology is already reshaping schools and colleges and streamlining their workflow by enhanced security.

Biometric technology has many applications. Biometric verification is such a powerful and all-encompassing phenomenon that has the potential to change the way many processes are performed. From maintaining attendance to providing security, this technology has provided us with a number of solutions. Here is how this technology is enhancing education sector:


No one can deny the role biometric plays when it comes to providing security. Facial recognition can be used to identify staff as well as students for entry and exit and making the environment safer and more efficient. These systems can help prevent suspicious people from gaining entry into the school and getting students picked up by pre-authorized guardians and parents. So biometric technology can be used to provide security in the premises of institutes.

Eliminate Identity Risk:

Online biometric technology can be used for identity verification at the time of enrolling students so that no student with a database of the potential threat is admitted. Previously expelled students, drug dealers, gang members, are included in the list of Individuals that pose a threat to a school or college. By identifying these, their entry can be prohibited and a secure environment provided.

Protection On Events:

By identifying the banned identities in no time, their entry can be restricted especially when there is any kind of gathering going on at the school. Face verification technology recognizes a face out of many faces and alerts the security representatives.  This technology  adds a multi-layer protection system and can help event security personnel do a better job of ensuring the safety of events by restricting the entry of banned persons.

For Video Surveillance:

Biometric apps can be used by parents for video surveillance so that they can see a child’s activity anytime, anywhere. The applications of this technology know no bounds and impact every sector.

Behaviour Analysis Of Students In Classroom

Facial expressions such as a student raising his eyebrows at the mention of a new word could depict confusion. Without the artificial intelligence system, lecturers would be incapable of understanding such expressions as it’s almost impossible to read faces of all the students in the class. Such a system helps the lecturer with the necessary information they need to gauge the points during the lecture in which attention is distracted or waned hence enhancing the learning experience.

Validation of Student’s Identity For e-Learning Program

Biometric verification can verify students’ identity more intelligently. By using 3D liveness detection features of face verification technology risk of identity theft and online scams can be eliminated.  This can also be used in schools to check that individuals present inside the premises are students of the school or members of the faculty or staff.  User acceptance is increasing for this technology with every passing day.  In a nutshell, biometric technology is highly impacting the education sector in many amazing ways.

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