Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Showcases Your Upbeat Personality

Have you always craved a kitchen design that can show off your current personality? Well, then you’re at the correct place because in this article we’ll be discussing some of the most brilliant methods through which you can match your kitchen according to your personality. 

Be it the kitchen splashbacks tiles or the kitchen countertops or the faucets & taps – we will be covering each and every one of them in this article. 

Modern Makeover Options That Can Bring Your Kitchen Inline With Your Personality

      • Modern Gray

One of the most popular colour trends that you can plan to adopt for your kitchen would be to paint your kitchen in a grey colour. Furthermore, if your kitchen has a backdrop of coloured stone tiles or marble countertops, then this style will work the best.

Since grey is a neutral colour, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style over time. Moreover, grey looks beautiful when you combine it with the silver colour palette – especially for the lighting and plumbing fittings (kitchen taps and sink). 

      • Classic

If you want to show off your kitchen design in a classic or traditional style, then you should be following this design choice. In this type of style, the kitchen counters are laminated to provide a sophisticated look. 

Moreover, the splashback tiles are set up in a bronze-coloured fashion with the kitchen cabinets painted in an off-white colour. 

      • Natural Wooden Look

In case you deeply love the look & feel of natural wood, then this type of style should be ideal, especially when you consider that it helps in breaking the monotony of white & grey that the above two styles persist with. Your kitchen cabinets will be painted in a reddish hue, and the counters will have dark coloured stone fitted onto them – so that they reflect less when light falls on them. 

Therefore, you’ll overall obtain a darkish hue for your kitchen design, except for the fact your splashback tiles will have a pale colour to them. Such a colour palette will help in accentuating the overall look of your kitchen cabinets & countertops. 

Other Suggestions To Consider When Going Ahead With Either Of The Above Styles

      • Always ensure that you create a centre of attraction for your kitchen in a very provocative manner with the splashback tiles you have at your disposal. If you can get the design of your splashback tiles correctly, then you’ll be able to enjoy a signature look for your kitchen.
      • Ensure that your kitchen harnesses some of the best lighting equipment so that the design you created for the same could be showcased perfectly. Make sure that you place the lighting fixtures directly above the kitchen sinks & counters so that they can illuminate most of the area. 


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