How to drive in Greece and Greek Islands like Crete

Driving in mainland Greece and its big and beautiful islands can be a great experience especially for tourists who want to feel in control. Though, driving in the busiest islands and streets in Greece may seem daunting if it’s your first time. Now some people agree that driving in some of the Greece streets and islands doesn’t have a formula. It may appear as a weakness of character if you sit on your seat and hold the steering wheel tight to observe all the road rules in some of the areas. As a matter of fact, only a small number of drivers in these streets can pass a driving test.

There’s no better way of exploring Greece and its islands including Crete than taking a road trip. The nicest thing about the Greek islands is that each of them has something new for you to experience. In Crete, you will find hidden picturesque views.

If this is your first time on a Greece road trip, you are in the right place. We are here to help you effortlessly plan a Greek road trip and navigate all the islands without any issues.

The usual good experience on your Greece road trip starts with getting a good partner. It all starts by renting a good car at a cost that you are happy about. Check on for specialized car hire. Make sure the rental service provider you settle for offers insurance and doesn’t have additional hidden costs.

Driving in Greece is a lot more fun but if you know all the streets and rules that apply at each point in time. Below is some practical information that can greatly help you on your way to explore Greece and her beautiful islands.

The below information is accurate at the time of writing with no responsibilities for rules change with time.


To drive on its roads, you need a full European driving license. If you don’t have this kind of driving license, then you definitely need an international driving license.

Minimum age

To rent a car in Greece, the minimum age varies from company to company. However, I don’t think there’s a company that can rent their assets to anybody below the age of 17. To bring your own car on Greece roads, you need to be above 17 years of age and at the same time hold a valid driving license.


As I had already stated, very few drivers in Greece would pass a driving test. This means that the country has the worst driving records in Europe with the highest death tolls on their roads. What you have to do is drive with caution bearing in mind that every other driver on the road is mad except you.


This is an offense in almost every other country in the world. For people with less than two years of driving experience, there must be no alcohol in the blood. Though for others 0.05% of alcohol in the blood is an offense and you can be jailed.


The police can levy fines on the spot depending on the offense committed. However, they are not allowed to collect money there and then.


In some remote places, it can be a huge challenge to find a petrol station. However, in other places, you can get a petrol station almost everywhere.

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