How These Magento2 Extensions Create Magic On Your eCommerce Store?

We should be thankful that the latest version of Magento, Magento 2 is up and out for the users. However, if your business strategy for running the eCommerce store fails in providing exclusive customer engagement and experience, you will lose the top spot. What next then?

Well, the prime motive to start the business is to convert the visiting customers and retain them for an extended period of time. While doing this, you need to ensure that the site has optimized functionalities, consequential extensions, and engaging user content.

If you don’t know what wonders can these extensions do, visit the popular brand sites like Nike, Ford, Coca Cola, Olympus, etc. The version Magento 2 itself is a treasure trove of eCommerce features and performance, and installing extensions to it will just amplify the look and feel of shopping for the users.

Thankfully, the Magento platform allows customization of features to satisfy the tailored needs of the customers. McKinsey also confirmed in one of his research that eCommerce store owners who optimized the customer journey and emphasized the touchpoints see dramatically better and fruitful results in terms of sales.

For optimizing the experience, you need to remember the five stages the customer expects and passes through while shopping.

  1. Awareness;
  2. Interest;
  3. Desire;
  4. Decision;
  5. Advocacy.

Based on this, think of the extensions that satisfy the above purposes and add value to the engagement level of the Magento 2 platform.

Customer Attribute Magento 2 extension:

This is the most convenient option that facilitates users to add the attributes during the registration on the site. This way, the store manager is able to collect important customer information data by collecting the filled attributes on the page.

This attribute is a boon because the default registration page doesn’t allow the collection of various other attribute information other than first name, last name, and email address. However, this basic information doesn’t allow store owners to create a personalized experience for the user journey. The admin is allowed to add various attributes in the registration form, and these fields are visible on the grid.

Again, the final authority of creating and deleting the attribute lies in the hands of admin only. They can enable or disable the customer attribute option on the registration form.

Hence, this extension satisfies the store owner’s needs of collecting extra information and in the end, benefits the customer in getting customized shopping experience.

Cancel Order Magento 2 extension:

If you get into the customer’s shoes, you will understand the common problem that customers find it most difficult to cancel the order once it has been made. It is a task full of a hassle for them, and if the ECommerce store provides them with a complex canceling procedure, they either leave the site or never return. Cancel order Magento 2 extension is a boon for such scenarios. It is a flexible extension that allows the customer to send cancel order requests, and it lies in the hands of the admin to approve or disapprove the cancel request. It supports the notification feature, and the customer receives a notification once their order is canceled from the admin front.

Additionally, the extension itself cancels the pending customer’s request after a specific period of time set by the admin. An added perk, it further restocks the product into the store once this pending order is canceled. The extension is also compatible with the custom themes of the Magento 2 platform.

Testimonial Magento 2 extension:

Today consumers rely more on user-generated content rather than the features listed on the official product site. And if your customers are happy with your product, why not allow them to share this feeling with the world? Yes, testimonial addition extension is now available for Magento 2 platform. The extension is easy to install and facilitates users to add good words from the front end, and admin can manage the same from the backend.

The extension allows the admin to set the number of testimonials that would be visible on the front end, approve or disapprove the testimonial, enable or disable guests from adding testimonials and can also create a separate page in the front end for adding testimonials. Ohh.. we forgot to mention, the admin also has the authority to design a “Thank You” message for the customers who left the testimonials.

Christmas Snowfall Effects Magento 2:

Christmas is around the corner, and this Christmas extension is here to make it merrier. If you are wondering how then, imagine a snowy effect on your shopping store? It looks like a virtual holiday shopping experience, right? By installing this extension on the storefront, you can cover the shopping layouts with Christmas themes and Santa clause. It makes the eCommerce site embellished with the Christmas feel and allure customers in the store.

Admin of the store has the authority to change the footer decorations, header decorations, add snowflakes, and other festive elements. And the surprising element of this the extension facilitates a moving Santa Clause on the screen.

Admin has the right to enable and disable the effects on the front screen whenever required. However, this visual effect will surely cater to a personalized experience for the users on-screen.

PayTrace Payment Gateway Magento 2:

Customers today feel that there is a dire need over the eCommerce store to have a trustworthy and functional payment getaway during the checkout. And PayTrace Payment Gateway is the best solution for Magento 2 store owners. When installed, the customer doesn’t have to shift between the platform to make the final purchase.

Hence, not much time is wasted during the checkout, and this creates a positive user experience. The user interface is intriguing and friendly. This extension currently facilitates payments only in US currency and is an ingenious plugin for trouble-free checkout. The extension ensures the security of the sensitive user data collected for final checkout and also facilitates an SSL certificate for protecting customer’s information. The extension accepts all major credit cards and Mastercard.

Parting Words:

Installing these extensions on your Magento 2 platform helps you in creating long-lasting impact while shopping over the store. This experience indirectly boosts conversion and retains the customers over the site. Additionally, the cancel order Magento 2 extension and many others directly affect the purchasing decision of the user.


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