How to Improve Your Clothing Photography

Photography is one of the most lucrative businesses nowadays, and if your aesthetic game is strong, then it’s definitely a job for you. However, not all photographs make the same amount of money, nor are all of them popular and valued. There are different types of photographers, and the different things they work with, such as weddings, events, portrait photography, etc. One of the strongest branches is definitely clothing photography, that’s not only a great way to earn more money from fashion designers and retailers, but it’s also a great way to be creative and be yourself. So, you are a photographer and you want to start clothing photography? Or perhaps you already do that but you have no idea if you’re good at it? Take a look at some of these ways in which you can improve as a clothing photographer and ensure more successful business opportunities:

Think about the light

It’s not a secret that each photographer needs to pay attention to the lighting and how it affects their photographs. One of the tricks to apparel photography is to know how the light will affect the fabric and the piece of clothing per se. The biggest problem is taking one picture per outfit. You should rather take different pictures of the same outfit, in different locations and in different lighting. Do you remember the whole scandal with the blue/white dress from a couple of years ago that took the internet by storm? This might also happen to you if you don’t pay attention to the lighting. You can always practice a bit more before starting your gigs, just to see how light affects different colors and different fabrics. 

Take more photographs

That is precisely why it’s important to take more photographs of the same outfit, in the same light, but from different angles. Having more angles of a certain product will allow customers to be sure that is what they want, and will help them make their own decision about what they’re seeing. The more photos you have, the better. This is also very helpful for all customers to gauge for the size and the length of the certain item.

Have more scenes

Taking a picture of an outfit in different settings and scenes is very important. Some brands have their own physical stores, which means that the customers get to see the items they are interested in, but what if they want to buy something from a popular online fashion store where they cannot actually see the products in person? Taking multiple photos in different settings and having more scenes will make that brand more popular and more trustworthy in the eyes of the clients. 

Have a model

Speaking of taking more photographs, why not focus on something else that you need to have, apart from the actual camera that you will use? You need either a model who will pose for you or a mannequin that you will dress in the attire you’re photographing. Why is this important? Well, you want the clothes to look perfect in photographs and you definitely want for customers to find them quite relatable and to actually see what they look like. It’s always different when you see clothes in stores and clothes on an actual person. This will definitely enhance sales and generate more audience.

Let them be seen in motion

There are many ways in which you can take a photo of a piece of clothing on a person, but one thing’s for sure – don’t just make them stand there motionless. It’s always important to have static pictures of clothes, just to help the customers see what they’re buying and how the clothes look, but it’s also important to show the clothes in motion, and actually make the models be a bit more dynamic and move around. This will show the customers that that specific piece of clothing looks excellent from all angles and during all movements, and might encourage its purchase more. 

The essential equipment that you need

So, you’re here because you’re a photographer, which means that you already have a camera that you trust. Apart from that, there are other things that apparel photography would not be possible without. Artificial lighting is essential, especially if you’re not working with natural light. This will happen from time to time, but it’s also important because there are some photographs that simply need to be taken at the studio – preferably the flat lay ones. Moreover, make sure to have a studio backdrop kit that is required for clean-looking images. You want white photography drop which includes a stand, as this is your photography’s best friend. The last but definitely not least thing that you need is a sturdy tripod, as it’s a must in any studio. This will eliminate any unwanted camera shaking caused by your hand, which means that you will have a big percentage of successful photographs. 

Check your settings

Before you start photographing, make sure to check your camera settings. Sometimes it might happen that everything looks perfect, but when you finish with your day and want to see your result, you notice a small mistake you have made that ruined the whole photo session, so you have to redo it. In order to prevent this, always check your camera settings prior to starting your job.

Show off the details

It’s not only about taking a picture of clothes. When you’re tackling apparel photography, you need to have an eye for details and make sure to capture them. This means that you need a close-up photograph of the zipper, of the buttons, or any details that that specific piece of clothing has. Not only does this give a certain amount of depth and seriousness to the picture and the brand, but it can also make or break any future purchase. 

Know how to edit

And finally, make sure that you know how to edit your photographs. You don’t need any filters or anything of that sort, as that can meddle with the color of the item, which is never a good thing. Learn how to emphasize certain colors, making them a bit stronger or lighter, and play with them just a little bit. Take away any imperfections, but never change the color of the item and never add filters – save that for nature photography.

If you’re into photography, then you will not find it difficult to be an outfit photographer. But you need to know that there are differences in technique and make sure to know everything about them. Good luck!

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