Why Purchase A Home In Europe

Purchasing a home somewhere in Europe affords you to many things that will surely make your life even more exciting. Although your standard of living may become a bit more expensive, all the other advantages of living in Europe will far outweigh the increased cost of living. If you’re looking to purchase a home in Europe, know that such a decision will bring about huge returns later. The best part of it is that these returns come both as tangible and intangible things. 

So, before you fly off to Europe for a house-hunting trip, check out first the following list of reasons why you should purchase a home there.

Its great climate is yours to enjoy

It is a fact that many people desire to live that European dream. The thought of owning a Chateaux in France, a Tuscan villa or an idyllic stone house in Slovenia, is just so mesmerizing. Besides, European countries are extremely good looking. But, beyond the natural splendor of Europe also lies a great climate that many will certainly enjoy. 

Owning a home somewhere in Slovenia estates is tantamount to opening up a lot of opportunities to be able to live a big life, as opposed to living in a big house in the U.S. or in any other western countries. In Slovenia, you will get to enjoy the snowy winters with lots of ski areas for you to choose from. When summer comes, you will have several aquamarine rivers and lakes to cool off. 

More opportunities to experience another culture

Once you’re in Europe, you will be surprised to know just how accessible other countries are. In fact, there isn’t any European country that takes more than 6 hours away by plane.  The same is also true for travel by train. The other 40 European countries are easily accessible because they’ve got the most efficient flight patterns. In Europe, several cultures are all snuggled together so if you will be living in the Swiss Alps, you could be in Germany, Italy or anywhere in France within a couple of hours by train. If you are in Prague, a trip to Austria and Germany will only be a few hours away. If you live near an airport, you could quickly visit Barcelona, Malta, and Paris. 

Fresh markets and incredible food are everywhere

In many parts of Europe, the fresh market is King. This means you can easily find fresh produce from local farmers. Homemade bread and cheese fresh from the Alps are so accessible. The food quality standards remain incredible everywhere in Europe. The culture of supporting local farmers and small entrepreneurs are so existent. If you’ve lived in Europe for months, especially in France and Italy, chances are you will become friends with the local butcher, the baker and the business owners who also grow their own produce. This is also one reason why France and Italy are renowned throughout the world for great food. Of course, other European gems like Ljubljana, Slovenia also have restaurants and food festivals that are just as amazing. In other words, if you’re one big foodie, you don’t need to travel for days to be able to experience great food. In Europe, you can do all these things in just a short train ride or a bicycle journey away. 

Greater possibility of earning higher cash yields

Europe is a continent that is currently experiencing modest economic growth and a low inflation rate. But, despite this slow improvement that the continent is experiencing in terms of economic growth, more investors from across the globe are still attracted to Europe. Why? The reason lies in its monetary policy that is being implemented by the European Central Bank or ECB. The ECB is known to have a loose monetary policy that allows interest rates to be kept within artificially low levels. As of July 2019, the interest rates remain at 0.00%, -0.40% and 0.25% and the bank plans to keep these rates for as long as necessary. And, since investing in stocks is quite risky considering its volatile nature, investors believe that there is no other better way to invest in Europe than in real estate. Despite the fact that the yields are not that high, investing in real estate still offers investors a cash yield and net rental income that is within a few percents, the kind of rate that is still considered high compared to zero interest that an investor may receive should he decide to invest in other assets. 

Being able to have a fixed cost of living

If you decide on buying an apartment for 150,000 euros, the largest expense that you may have will most likely be your mortgage. This will be according to the initial price you’ve paid when purchasing that apartment. But, the real costs will become lesser as inflation rates increase. The thousand euros you pay a decade from now will be much smaller than the thousand euros that you will pay today. In other words, though inflation rates increase along with the standard costs of living, you have the benefit of being able to have a fixed cost of living since you’ve already purchased the apartment.

Of course, European living also has its own disadvantages. But, the thought of being able to travel more and experience great food and great people is already enough to make you want to ditch whatever disadvantage you might have in mind about living in Europe.

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