How Parents Should Raise Their Aggressive Teenage Kids

Dealing with aggressive and violent teenage kids is not an easy task, but it is not an unusual scenario in most of the households either. Adolescence and teenage is a time when many significant changes take place in one’s life, as a result their behaviors and attitudes get affected. Teenage is also the time when your kids start asserting their independence in order to find their identity and to prove their worth. The real problem begins when these changes take place in a heightened manner.

Being a parent of an aggressive teen, you surely are faced with certain challenges as well as opportunities. A troubled and aggressive teen goes through behavioral, emotional, or learning problems more often than the normal teenagers. The chances are very much likely that they get involve in various anti-social activities like skipping school, drinking, drug abuse, robbery, or other serious crimes. At this point in time, it is important for the parents to evaluate and analyze every aspect of their kid’s personality and try to find solutions for coping with the problems that their kid is going through.

1 – Acknowledge Their Anger

The moment when your teenager is raged with emotions, you have to handle him or her coolly. Try to acknowledge their anger by stating, “I can understand what you are feeling”. You need to put yourself in their shoes and try to find out what has gone wrong by making a conversation with them. If you sit down and listen to what they have to say, it will be much better for you to come up with a solution rather than dismissing their reasons. Sometimes their anger is well justified and needs to be taken with utmost earnestness.

2 – Dine With Your Teenager In A Family Restaurant

Spending quality time with their kids is very important for parents, and it can’t get better than dining in a good restaurant. Sometimes, the atmosphere and ambience of a good restaurant can have a positive impact on the psyche of your kid that can calm down his or her aggression. Allow them to decide the menu for themselves and help them in settling down on prices. It will be better to go to family buffets with each other, for example the Golden Coral prices ensure that you are going to fully enjoy your food while spending good time with your family.

3 – Inform Your Teen And Be Informed Yourself

The teen years are a time when people experiment a lot. This experimentation sometimes manifests in risky behaviors. Being aggressive and troubled your teen is, do not avoid the possibility of sex, drug, alcohol, or tobacco abuse on their part. Try to discuss these topics with them because if they are involved in these activities, it will give them support and reason to quit them. If they are not involved in them, even then discussing these things will significantly reduce the possibility of your teen’s exposure to such things. For example, whether they are already sexually active or just considering it, they should know about all the risks that come with that, as well as how to protect themselves. We’re not talking just about teenage pregnancy, but also about sexually transmitted diseases. If they’re not comfortable discussing these topics with you, but they would like to find out more about STDs or get tested, a simple Google search for an std test clinic near me should help them find a place to do that. Share your family values with your teen and talk about what you believe is right and wrong, and why. You should also try to remain as much informed as you can and make regular communication with your teenager and his or her friends.

4 – Get Them Gifts

Remember the idea of tackling the anger of your teenagers is all about establishing a healthy relationship with them as well as restoring a sense of evenness in their behaviors. You need to show them how important your kids are for you. So, you can show your love and affection by giving your kids personalized gift bags and gift boxes. It will make them feel very special and they will likely to start caring about your relationship as well.

5 – Respect Their Privacy

Teenage is the time when kids start developing their own dreams and aspirations. At times they want to be to themselves and want to be left alone. Their rooms, texts, emails, and phone calls should be private and you should grant them that much of privacy. This part, however, can be very tricky for the parents of aggressive teenagers. Giving them too much privacy and independence or too much restriction can be counter-productive for them. So, a balance of both is very important for the well being of your teenager.


As the kids progress from adolescence to the teenage years, they often start showing the signs of aggression and violence before becoming independent, responsible and communicative adults. The parents of such kids shouldn’t lose sight of hope in order to bring solutions for them. The above mentioned tips can be extremely helpful for these parents and their teenage kids if they properly follow them.


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