How Does the Office Interior Influence Success and Company Image

The interior décor of your office can have a considerable impact on your business. The decorations in your workplace, or the lack thereof, directly impact the productivity, efficiency, happiness, and even the absenteeism of your employees. But apart from the workers, an inviting and beautifully decorated office will also significantly impact the perception of your company by visitors, especially potential job candidates, clients, and business partners. First impressions are extremely important, and a person’s surrounding environment directly impacts their satisfaction, as well as their productivity.

Light is the most important element

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It is a well-known fact that the exposure to natural lighting suppresses the release of sleep-inducing melatonin, making people more awake, focused and aware of their surroundings, which is exactly why it is such a beneficial factor in the workplace. Employees who are exposed to a lot of natural lighting are also much more likely to feel comfortable in their work-place and consider their office environment uplifting and inspiring. So, if you can’t add more windows, consider using natural light bulbs and keep the doors and windows open to allow more natural light into the office space.

Color directly impacts the mood

Even though we may not be aware of it, the colors around us have a profound effect on our mood, as well as our brain functions. For example, yellow is often associated with happiness, creativity, and creation, while orange offers a jolt of energy and innovation when used in moderation. Employees who work in predominantly blue or green office environments have also reported higher perceived job performance and satisfaction in their workplace. Considering these facts, it might be a good idea to repaint your office space with carefully chosen colors to elicit desired responses from your employees.

Natural elements boost productivity

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Many studies have shown that having a live plant on your desk increases productivity and cognitive attention, while the presence of plants in the workplace leads to an increased feeling of happiness amongst the office staff. That is exactly why sprucing up your office décor with some indoor plants that are easy to maintain is such a great idea. Similarly, adding a high-quality air purifier into the workplace will provide the office with crisp and fresh air, creating the illusion of outdoor space, thus sharpening the minds of your employees and helping them become happier, more focused and more efficient.

Private areas improve performance

Even if your workplace doesn’t have a kitchen or a lounge area, you should always find a spare room or a special corner to create a nice “break area” for your staff. Experience has repeatedly shown that giving employees occasional breaks in an area entirely secluded from their desks and their work dramatically increases their overall productivity. For this reason, many companies establish a designated “lunch hour” to encourage their employees to actually step away from their tables. Not only does giving your staff a break from working improve their day to day performance, but it will also prevent burnouts and turnovers in the long haul.

Personal touches increase happiness

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Whether it is a stylish lamp, a funky pen holder or a coffee mug with the company logo, personal touches make the whole workplace look warmer and more inviting. So, encourage your staff members to decorate their desks with small items they like and enjoy, and it will go a long way towards employee happiness, productivity and decreased absenteeism.

The organization makes a great impression

As soon as they walk in, potential clients and customers receive direct messages from the office design. If the environment is cluttered, outdated and poorly designed, the clients might get the same impression about the whole company. On the other hand, a neat, organized, pleasing and well thought-out design sends a great message about the brand, its success and what it stands for, and it promotes trust and confidence in the business.

There is a good reason why successful businesses spend a lot of their time and energy ensuring their office spaces are well-designed. Not only does it create a healthy workplace, but an engaging office environment also has the ability to enhance and support the success of any business.

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