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If you wish to create compelling WordPress websites using WordPress community themes then WordPress theme archives present you with some of the most popular and proactive themes that are sure to add much more diversity and specification to your existing website experience. WordPress themes are widely acclaimed for their exemplary features and specifications that make a website much more functional and productive. 

Themes are not merely just simple covers that embellish your website with added benefits but are an excellent source of added components that make your website look much more polished and filled with meticulous features for a seamless navigation experience. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the popular WordPress themes and why they are useful. 

Why Are WordPress Themes Useful For A Website? 


WordPress themes act as an amplification factor to revamp the existing website and make it look much more productive and enhanced. The themes also work best to refurbish the website and add more color and customized features for the users to have seamless navigation. A website that has compelling attractive themes also plays a major psychological role in impacting a customer’s or a user’s psyche and also plays a crucial role in retaining customers and users. 

WordPress houses some of the most alluring themes that are surely visually stunning and offer much more credibility and a wide array of functions that are sure to woo consumers and businesses all over the globe. 

Top WordPress Community Themes


  • BuddyX

BuddyX is one of the most acclaimed and top-reviewed themes of WordPress that can surely add a lot of contemporary specifications and advantages to any website. The theme comes with a lot of community features that can help a brand create a social community website in WordPress where users are free to explore new friends and activity streams like Facebook and transform any given WordPress website into a social network. The theme also comes with an embedded social marketplace and e-learning plugins such as Woocommerce and LearnDash that are sure to add more grace to the website’s internal and external user interface. 


  • Create compelling social media with buddyX
  • Social gamification feature
  • Woocommerce and learndash integration
  • WC vendor plugin support
  • Facility to add buddypress add ons
  • Highly customizable and Gutenberg ready
  • Membership monetization and customized member boards and panels
  • Facebook like activity stream with instant messaging and adding friend support

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  • Kleo

Kleo is another stunning theme that makes an essential community and also offers unique features to make any website much more functional. The theme comes with added designs and templates that can help any brand make communities on various niches such as elearning, marketplace, and social networking. The theme also comes with additional benefits such as buddy press support that can further provide access to a wide range of extensions, addons,s and bite-sized plugins to increase visibility. 


  • Stylish templates and layouts for each community
  • WordPress customizer
  • WPBakery page builder tool
  • Buddypress Supported
  • 1 click installation
  • Easy demo importer
  • A section for community news magazine

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  • Vikinger

Vikinger is another capable alternative to community websites and offers a fantastic user interface and support to the website. The theme comes with a large number of layouts and templates that can be proven suitable for niches across the sectors. The theme provides templates for each section of the website including the home page and user profile, news feeds, and so on. Vikinger also comes packed with a buddypress plugin and add-on support to add more credibility to the website. 


  • Ecommerce support via Woocommerce plugin
  • Gamipress plugin support
  • Troubleshooting via online documents and tutorials
  • Large library of templates and layouts

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  • Socialize

Socialize is another compelling social networking and community theme that lets the users experience the best of community features and specifications. The theme boasts of a multi-purpose buddy press theme that offers alluring page layouts and smooth navigation and user interface. With buddypress support, the theme can easily execute features such as instant messaging and creating your social media via having engaging activity streams and managing the member profiles with full customization. 


  • Buddypress and Bbpress integration
  • Multiple homepage, posts, pages, and categories
  • Responsive and ajax filtering
  • Multiple advertisement areas
  • SEO and Translation ready
  • Embedded contact form 7
  • Woo-commerce integration

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  •  Olympus

Olympus is another multipurpose WordPress community theme that offers excellent services and options to create influential social media websites and community-oriented sites. The theme offers pre-built website demos and also includes stylish homepage display options. Olympus comes with a WPBakery page builder tool to make amends in the pages and also has a setup wizard that easily allows the user to set up the website in a few moments. 


  • WPBakery and Elementor support
  • Pre-installed demo content
  • Create useful social network and community websites
  • Youzer supported
  • Seamless navigation and ajax search support
  • Blogging via four customized layouts


  • AardVark

Aardvark can help create a myriad of community websites while offering stunning designs, features, and visuals that make a website much more unique and comprehensive. The theme comes with offers such as making community or membership websites and is supported by word press and buddy press to add more extensions and add ons. The theme also comes with a paid membership plugin and is also sensei-supported to create e-learning communities on WordPress. 


  • Build community-focused websites with aardvark
  • Option to monetize website via paid membership
  • Provide online courses vis sensei plugin support
  • Woocommerce integration 
  • Blogging and a section to feature magazine/news
  • WPBakery extension
  • Multi-site support

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WordPress themes are a great medium for any brand to express their vital business ordeals and help create communities that can mutually benefit the users as well as the website owners into establishing flourishing communities and a thriving work atmosphere. The themes offer excellent coverage to the website by providing extended support and also by making the website much more functional and productive to tackle the contemporary needs of the users much more easily and without any complexity. 


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