5 Best CBD Strains For Senior People: Here’s What You Need To Know


With the wear and tear that the human body experiences, many issues crop up with the older generation. Chronic pain, anxiety, lack of sleep, etc., are all universal amongst seniors. While most people believe that this is an unavoidable living condition, experts might have a solution. CBD can help relieve many of the problems experienced by older generations.

As the brain ages, stress responses tend to get more and more pronounced. This disrupts sleep cycles and can even manifest as chronic. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that helps relieve stress and promotes the feeling of peace and calm. As we get older, the anandamide in your system breaks down.

Studies have shown that CBD can help prevent the breakdown of anandamide and increase the activity in 5HT1A neurotransmitters. This helps counter the chronic helplessness and worry that many older patients report. With lesser stress, the patients tend to sleep better.

CBD has also been proven to be more effective and less harmful than prescription painkillers to treat chronic pain. By targeting the endocannabinoid system that can help regulate pain management. Additionally, with all its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can reduce pain by bringing down irritation.

While the benefits are vast, getting into CBD can be intimidating. Finding the perfect CBD to THC ratio is critical. If you are new to trying CBD as a senior, here are some of the best strains to go for.

1.   Medi-Haze

CBD MediHaze is another perfect high-CBD option to try out, mainly for pain and relaxation. This is a Sativa dominant hybrid known to be a cross between Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze, and another unrevealed strain (high CBD).

It has become prevalent because it does not leave the user feeling sedated, shared with other high CBD strains. On the contrary, many people feel energized after smoking this strain. This makes it an excellent choice to smoke in the morning. Its minty aroma with hints of pepper is known to be very soothing in flavor.

While CBD is almost universally considered safe and a much better option for pain relief, it can also produce metabolites with diuretic effects. A good option is to use azul tea, which is known to flush out toxins. The traditional South American medicine practitioners know more about Azul tea and have used it to treat kidney issues for centuries. It is an excellent remedy to try out, even without CBD use.


2.    Harlequin

One of the most famous Sativa strains, Harlequin, is most popular with targeted use for CBD. Its most popular quality is that it does not induce total intoxication and yet helps the user relax. With a higher level of CBD content, it has become a staple for treating anxiety and paranoia. This CBD strain is also a good pain reliever and has been reported to have treated gastrointestinal inflammations.

This high CBD low THC strain is an excellent choice for seniors given its ability to soothe the system without the paranoia of incapacitation of any sort.

3.   Bio Jesus

Bio Jesus strain is hailed to be one of the most effective pain relief remedies. This Indica dominant hybrid has light orange highlights across the body of its flower. The trichomes have an all-encompassing wrapper that gives it an almost white cottony look. While its actual genetics can be contentious, it is a very effectively balanced strain. Most people believe that this strain comes from the parent strains Gumbo and Biodiesel.

The diesel family influences are prominent, even as you break into the bud. The aroma is overwhelmingly pine but is also earthy and sweet. The complex flavors of the Bio Jesus are very potent and best tried initially with someone who is more experienced. Given the typical smell of the smoke, most people consider vaporizing to be the best way to enjoy this strain.

Bio Jesus is a brilliant evening or nighttime strain. It eases the body into a deep state of relaxation and takes the pain away. It is a great sleeping aid as the mind-numbing effects help with REM sleep.


4.   Afghani

If the main issue you are trying to resolve is sleeplessness, this is the strain. This is the only pure strain on the list. This Indica strain grows in the Hindu Kush mountains and is very potent. The physical high and sedative effect knocks most users out without a problem. The best way to enjoy this strain is in the late evenings or early nights with many healthy snacks. Snacks are suggested simply because this gives users a good case of munchies before inducing sleep.

5.   AK-47

While the name might sound intimidating, this is a rather laidback Sativa dominant hybrid strain that keeps the user mentally alert while effectively taking away pain and stress. The flavor of this strain is an intricate blend, and the sweet floral aroma is known to be very soothing. The rich, bright yellow-green-colored buds are the recipient of numerous awards.

Though the content of THC is on the higher side, the high it gives you is pretty mellow. This is a perfect afternoon blend which is particularly good for uplifting the mood and making people feel happy.

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Wrapping Up

The older generations often feel overlooked, and their issues are not always taken as seriously. Everybody deserves a pain-free life, and CBD can help people achieve that. Thus, opt for these five CBD strains for senior people and help them have an incredible experience.

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