How to save money using VoIP

VoIP phone system

The benefits of using a digital phone line for business are innumerable. VoIP phone systems are revolutionary products that have made communication for business easy and reliable. The flexibility, mobility, and all the advanced features that it comprises are a way to futureproof your business and move along with the latest technology. 

A hype has been created around VoIP as it is known to save money but it’s not that simple. There is no doubt about the fact that VoIP saves money but how it does so, should be known. The market growth of VoIP is steadily increasing because it makes traditional landlines look more obsolete. 

How does VoIP go easy on your pocket?

Call Charges

You can save thousands of pounds if you invest in VoIP. The VoIP system functions on the internet. When calls are connected over the internet, businesses can select a plan according to their preference and there also will be no extra hidden costs. 

Moreover, international call rates on a VoIP phone are much less than a traditional phone. Make calls anywhere in the world without worrying about international call rates. 


The VoIP phone system gives you the freedom to move around and go anywhere and still attend to business calls. The flexibility which it offers cannot be found in any other phone system. Everything can be handled from a smartphone or a desktop. It has eliminated the need to stick to a particular location. VoIP allows you to travel stress-free without routing your business calls to another number or by paying extra. The portability feature of VoIP phone makes it a must-have for every business. 


The downtime of a phone system can dig a hole in the accounts of a company. With a VoIP phone, failures rarely happen. Because of a reduced level of equipment deployed in the phone system, there’s hardly any maintenance involved. 

Any updates or issues can be fixed remotely without any extra charges. 

Complete package

VoIP is a complete package in itself. The number of features a VoIP phone system offers is incredible. Features like mobile apps for iOS® and Android™, call queues, call reporting, call forwarding, voicemail & voicemail-to-email, desk phone compatible, extension dialling, on-demand call recording, HD video quality, high definition (HD) voice, out of hours management and much more come within the plans of VoIP. There is no need to pay any extra penny for anything, unlike other phone systems. 

The variety of features in the phone system enables a business to work efficiently and manage communications smoothly. 


No matter how large your company becomes, you can also use VoIP services without having to worry about extra hardware costs or installation charges. Whenever you get swamped with calls, be it when expanding your business or during a campaign, VoIP can make it all look easy, manageable and cost-effective.

Unlike a traditional landline phone, there is no need for a person to manually route calls in a VoIP phone. It directs the call to the concerned person automatically and if the call goes unanswered, it is going to voicemail. You never have to worry about missing an important call with a VoIP phone. 

Installation charges

Contrary to traditional phone systems, VoIP phone systems do not need lines to be paid for. A VoIP phone system can be installed on a device that you are already using as a desktop, smartphone or tablet.  So, the charges of installations are nothing. 

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