8 Safety Tips for Working Out Abroad

Working out abroad

Whether you’re heading overseas for a special marathon or your upcoming vacation, you’re getting ready to work out abroad. But how do you stay safe while exercising around the globe? There’s a number of things you need to remain mindful of to ensure you’re protected. From wearing a medical Apple Watch wristband to being mindful of your surroundings, here is how you can stay safe while working out abroad. 

Watch out for jet lag

You may be ready to head out for your run once landing and getting settled at the hotel, but there’s the major problem: you feel great in the moment, but all of a sudden you get hit by jet lag

With jet lag, you may not feel it right away, but it’s sure to knock you over once it hits. While sudden fatigue may be no problem when exercising at home, it can prove a problem while overseas. If you’re somewhere you’re not acquainted with, you could find yourself lost and in serious trouble. 

To avoid this happening, it’s important you take your time once landing. Get your rest and get acquainted with the schedule prior to heading out for long-time exercise or adventuring around the city. 

Be mindful of elevation

A problem when it comes to traveling around the world is that you deal with varying conditions. For instance, while you might be dealing with different levels of precipitation, temperature and humidity, there’s also the issue of elevation. If you’re from a coastal part of the United States, it can be a sudden change to travel to a part of the world where the elevation is far higher. 

The sudden shift to altitude can really knock you back. You sweat and exhale more the higher you go, so you’ll find yourself feeling especially beaten down when trying to exercise at your normal level. To stay safe? If you’re normally running 7-minute miles, consider decreasing your pace to 9-minute miles. Also, cut back on the distance you expect to run, as you’re sure to find yourself hitting that wall much sooner. 

Rely on chain stores

One of the safest things you can do while going abroad is to rely on what you know, especially when it comes to exercise gear. If you’re unable to bring certain things along with you, you’ll want to find a reliable store that can provide you with the goods you need. From running shoes to clothing to carbohydrate gels to protein bars, you want things that will allow you to remain comfortable while getting your workout in. 

Watch what you eat

Similar to sticking with the running gear you know and love, you don’t want to change your diet too much either. You should avoid certain types of foods prior to your workout, especially when eating them abroad, as they may be cooked with different spices and ingredients – ones that could seriously upset your stomach. It’s best to avoid the experimental meals after your workouts. Moreover, don’t change your diet too drastically. 

Keep track of where you’re going

One of the dangers to being abroad is you might not know where you are. It could be that you either miss a street you were supposed to take or take a wrong turn that takes you on a route you never intended to go down. Moreover, there are potential dangers out there. Abductions and robberies happen, especially while traveling abroad. 

Running tracker apps are a simple way to stay safe while exercising, no matter where you are. Not only do they allow you to track wherever you’re going, but they also offer you a lifeline to the outside world, providing you with the means to contact family or friends in the event of an emergency. 

Always plan for the worst

You need to remain aware of what’s going on and what could potentially happen. Not only does this pertain to the sort of weather that could strike, but also the types of things that may happen by exercising alone. One of the most considerable ones is the issue of strangers with bad attention. For some people, this could include carrying a self-defense weapon. However, if you’re planning on carrying one to remain safe against others, you need to be mindful of the laws in every country as it pertains to certain self-defense weapons. 

Stay safe in the face of an emergency

For those with medical conditions, it’s important that they take precautions to remain protected in the face of a medical emergency. A great way to stay safe, especially for those with pre-existing conditions, medical alert bracelets are a great option. They allow you to carry your relevant information with you – your name, emergency contact information, medical conditions and allergies – wherever you go. Some medical alert bracelets now even come available in Apple Watch wristbands, making them as easy as possible to incorporate into your life. 

Remain aware of your surroundings

Most of all, you need to keep your mind at the ready, to understand what’s happening around you at all times. One of the greatest dangers you can make while exercising in a new place is to not be aware of the things going on around you. 

Leave the headphones at home, keep an eye on traffic and listen to your instincts when it comes to strangers. You shouldn’t take risks if you ever feel uncomfortable. You need to follow your gut. 

Lastly, the easiest way to remain aware of your surroundings is to know where it is you’re going. You need to have a destination in mind. This is one of the only ways to ensure you know where it is you’re going, what streets you need to follow and what landmarks you should look out for to guarantee you’re on the right track.

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