Green Exercise: Health Benefits of Working Out in a Nature-Inspired Gym

Exercising at gyms is practical: weather conditions are constant, there’s no wind, cold, harsh sun and humidity. Thanks to this controlled environment, we often have easier and monotonous workouts. However, there are good sides to this monotony. Minimal weather fluctuations allow us to achieve a constant pace of exercise and achieve consistent results. So, how can we take these cons of indoor exercise and turn them into pros? The answer is biophilic gyms! Here are just some of the health benefits green exercise can provide to all athletic people. 

What is biophilic gym design?

First things first, what is biophilic design in gyms? Well, biophilia in exercise spaces aims to nurture the connection with nature by using plants, natural materials, organic shapes and finishes and natural colors (beiges, greens and browns). When placed in one space, these design elements can create an indoor environment with many benefits of the outdoor space even when placed in the middle of the most urban city in the world. And if we mix this gym design with some pampering spa treatments or natural fitness training, we can really start seeing results. Humans should spend as much time outdoors as they can, but when that’s not possible, we can at least enjoy biophilic spaces to provide us with some natural benefits. 

Nature reduces stress

Now it’s time to take a look at some actual benefits of biophilic gyms, the first one being stress reduction. After a hard day at the office, the best thing you can do for your health is getting a good workout. But, getting from one stuffy indoor space into another is not so beneficial. Luckily, biophilic gyms can provide you with a nice change of scenery. When you mix dopamine boost from physical exhaustion with relaxing colors, fresh air and natural materials, you can simply feel your stress melting away. 

Biophilia improves mood

Stress reduction is not only good for physical health but also mental health. Workout spaces designed with biophilia in mind can greatly improve our mood. Better indoor air quality, natural lighting, greenery can all serve as great mood enhancers and boosters for our cognitive skills. Of course, there’s no way to create a zero-toxin indoor space yet, but thanks to air-filtering plants, good ventilation and natural materials, we can keep a big number of toxins away from our lungs and skin. And when you can relax and take big breaths freely, you will feel your stress melt, your mood improve and your energy levels recharge. Also, biophilic gyms are usually filled with workout equipment that encourages natural fitness training methodology which nurtures creativity, organic movement and fun. Natural fitness delivers strong, agile and capable bodies that can face all life’s challenges which can be very inspirational. 

Green environment boosts cognitive health

This might not be so pleasant to hear, but as we age, our brains age too and get a little hazy. Some degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s also creep in with age, we lose brain cells and important cognitive functions. While you can’t really prevent Alzheimer’s, good diet and exercise can help slow down the decline. Working out while we’re young can support hippocampus health and improve our memory and learning. And when you mix this with creative exercises performed in a healthy, natural environment, you can expect to stay sharp for many, many years to come. 

Biophilic design improves workouts

Sure, running on a treadmill is good for you, but it’s not nearly as good as running outside. But when you can’t get out due to bad weather, biophilic gyms can step in. These environments concentrate on encouraging whole-body workouts with different mobility, movement, strength and stamina exercises. And all the fresh air and natural light sink in with our circadian rhythm and fill us up with new energy that will fuel our workouts and motivate us to give our 110%. 

Greenery soothes emotions

You won’t find bold reds and blues in biophilic gyms. The environment concentrates on neutral and natural colors and décor with many different greens, beiges, browns and whites. Wallpapers and posters with natural motives like fields, trees and jungles are also often present. These colors and design elements have a soothing effect on humans and they evoke positive emotions which guarantee client satisfaction. 

It’s more than obvious that nature-inspired gyms have plenty of benefits for all athletic people. Biophilic gyms can provide you with a practical place to work out, but also offer a form of physical and mental therapy. That’s why we can expect that biophilic gyms will become a norm when it comes to working out, so people can enjoy healthy, safe and stress-free experiences.

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