Why On-Campus Access Control Is The New Trend


As a new school year is rapidly approaching, several colleges and universities are reassessing their security. They are responsible for all their faculty and staff and the thousands of students returning to their campuses. With these security issues in mind, a popular avenue to increase campus security is installing a keyless access control system.

With the ever-changing new technology available, universities and colleges note that traditional locks and even fobbed access points are no longer satisfactory for their security needs. With on-campus access control technologies in place, any door, elevator, and parking garage will be secured. Moreover, any dorm room, classroom, athletic facility, library, and common area will be locked. So, are you looking to keep your students and staff safe? Keep reading below!

On-Campus Access Control Heightens Security

Has your campus ever had to handle the nightmare of a lost or stolen master key? On average, how many lost key cards or fobs have you had to replace for your students? Have unauthorized individuals breezed through your current security systems in place? These scenarios are different security threats that will disappear with a keyless on-campus access control system, like ParqEx’s Access + technology.

First, with our technology installed on-site, say goodbye to master key drama! With Access +, campus security and management can determine who needs access to which facility at what time through the ParqEx management portal system. As easy as it is to grant access, it’s just as seamless to revoke access in case of any security issue or threat.

Second, campuses no longer have to worry about lost keys, key cards, and fobs with our technology installed on-site. Gone are the days of these antiquated systems! Instead of physical keys, students and staff will use their cell phones as their access control devices. As a result, people are entirely less likely to lose their phones compared to their keys. Consequently, that security threat is gone.

Third, code & fob sharing and door propping are no longer viable security threats. With Access + and automated locks, the door automatically opens and closes after every use. Additionally, security and management gain access to real-time data on who comes and goes from each access point, providing extra peace of mind.

Access Control Management

ParqEx’s access control system will integrate with any pre-existing system to fit all security needs for any college or university. With our management portal, campus security can manage their entire campus’s access points with a click of a few buttons. On the fly, you access your management portal via your desktop or your smartphone, and you will be able to give access to whoever needs it. Furthermore, you will see comprehensive reporting on who is coming and going from which door at what time, view real-time reporting on any violations that may occur, and 24/7 customer support from ParqEx if ever needed.

Decreased Security Costs

As previously hinted at, a high cost vanishes by ridding the use of keys, key cards, and fobs. Students are notorious for losing their keys! Back in my day, I had to get new key cards printed every semester as I always seemed to lose mine. Not only did that cost me $30 a pop, but it also racked up a bill for campus security!

With ParqEx’s access control system installed, the cost of replacing all lost keys is gone. So as you can imagine, people are way less likely to lose their cell phones, and if they do, they have more significant problems on their hands!

On-Campus Access Control In Use

The efficiency and effectiveness of ParqEx Access + have been proven on multiple campuses. A perfect example of access control heightening campus security is at a multi-student dormitory named Monarch in Buffalo, New York. The Monarch management and security team had multiple security issues arise before ParqEx. One of their most prominent concerns was that students’ codes and keys would be shared with other non-authorized students and users. Because of this, they knew fobs and codes were not a viable solution for their school. They also desperately wanted a way to monitor who was coming and going.

ParqEx helped simplify the entire process for students, staff, management, and security. Since installation, the Monarch building has seen several thousand secure entries and exits. Additionally, they have even experienced roughly 40% savings.

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