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upholstery cleaning

Everyone loves to lounge on a soft sofa, but no one loves to do so with a dirty, unkempt piece of upholstery. And that’s why you need to ensure that your upholstery is cleaned regularly. Yup, chances are that you may have spilled some drinks and even food items on the sofa and it has left some ungainly stains. And if you are perplexed on what to do, then do check out the rest of the article for tips on deep cleaning as well as general maintenance.

  • Vacuum the sofa: The first thing you need to do before you approach upholstery cleaning in Alexandria VA is to vacuum the sofa thoroughly. Use all the vacuum add-ons from brush to pipes, to check and clean the debris, dirt, and everything else from the sofa. Just remember to clean it thoroughly, and in the process make sure that you have removed all the dirt particles from the sofa including any food crumbs that you may have dropped. In addition, make sure that you clean the sofa cushions as well. And remember to clean the sofa feet as well, make sure that you wipe it down, and ensure that you clean it with warm water and some liquid soap as well. 
  • Cleaning fabric upholstery: If your sofa upholstery has stains on it, then you may want to use the following formula on the stain to dilute it and even to remove it altogether. Just mix some vinegar, with some warm water and some soap. You can now spray it on the affected area, and this should help dilute the stain and even help remove it altogether. You can now blot the affected area with some paper napkins. After which, you can search online for upholstery cleaning in Alexandria, VA. 
  • Do not scrub: It is always a good idea to use a reputable and professional cleaner to handle all your upholstery. Do not use the above mixture to try and clean up all the upholstery on your own. More importantly, do not use a lot of pressure on the stained area, and do not rub it in as this will only lead to a larger stain and a much larger bill from the cleaners. Use paper napkins to blot the stained areas, and to clean up the non-upholstered areas. You can also use a soft cloth to blot the affected area, and you can even try stain remover – but do not scrub the stain as it will only get among the fibers. 
  • Remove all pet hairs from the upholstery: Before sending your upholstery to the cleaners, try to remove any pet hair that may have accumulated on it. It would be a good idea to provide your sofas with a brush down. You can also put on a pair of rubber gloves, and then gently run them over your furniture. And these gloves should help remove the pet hairs from the sofa with ease and all thanks to static electricity. There are smaller vacuums in the market, designed to clean your sofa and all upholstery, of all small particulates including pet hair. You may want to check them out as well and it should enable you to clean your sofa before you send it to the cleaners.

Make sure that you choose the right cleaners to help clean your sofa upholstery. Check online and see if the cleaners have received positive feedback from their other customers. This should clue you in as to whether they are any good and whether they can handle the job with ease.

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