7 Things about Your Site that Google Doesn’t Care about!


So, you are working from head to toe to get your website to reach high ranks on Google! And why not? After all, it matters and just how! The better your website performs on the search engine optimization process, the better exposure your website gets and you obviously better benefit from it too. But have you ever sat and thought whether all the directions in which you are stressing so much are even needed or not?

As website owners, you could do anything so that your website pops on the first page of every Google search page. And that includes every strategy that would make you an entrant in the good-book of Google. God knows you may already have been implementing such strategies in a lot of ways. But in reality, Google doesn’t care much about many such things and believes more in human content to be the best. This forms the baseline for ranking the various sites. How to get that for your site? This can be done only by an SEO specialist in Melbourne from Nextgen. They know the ins and outs of the system and are aware of the various ways in which, by providing excellent quality content and strategies, they can bring your website to the top position.

Some tactics you are playing about which Google doesn’t care at all!

Strategizing is essential, but only when it yields results. Strategies that do not achieve targets are nothing but futile. Well, below are some unnecessary (or to be more precise useless) strategies you may be wasting your time in while toying with SEO for your site. To these, Google doesn’t give a dime of attention, unfortunately:

1. The candles on your website’s cake — So you thought just because your website is five years old, Google would favor it to the top list? Well, for SEO purposes, age is specifically just a number and nothing else. Your content and uniqueness are what matters to attract favoritism.

2. The number of Google apps you use— So, you have installed all those G initial apps to impress Google, and believe that it would help you get better ranks. Well, you can’t be more wrong here. For one thing, we know, Google can’t be biased!

3. Social media extravaganza— So your install page is linked to your website that gets 10k likes! Wow, that’s great. But still, as long as your link isn’t being shared ten thousand times, Google pays no heed to this.

4. Raw bouncebacks on your website— Are you worried your raw bounce back rates are going to bring down your ranks? Practically, when a reader reaches your site and doesn’t find what he wants, he goes back. That’s but natural. And hence, Google understands this logic and doesn’t care about it too. 

5. Hosted or independent site — Whether you are striving on WordPress or Blogspot or you have personal hosting plans for your website Google has no lookout for the same, and your SEO results depend solely on the data on your websites.

6. The pattern of your website — As much as the pattern of your website can be attractive to your users, it doesn’t change Google’s perspective. As long as it can crawl easily through your website and understand the algorithms, it doesn’t matter whether your knowledge panel stays on the right or left, or what theme or pattern you use on your site.

7. The headings and subheadings —Do you think Google might crawl on all those large letters and be impressed if it’s a headline or a sub-headline? Yes, it does matter a lot to your viewers, but nothing to Google.

Understanding SEO can be as complex as it can sound easy to you! But as amateurs, we are bound to make mistakes. That’s why let the complexities of Mr. Google and its SEO based calculations be handled by an expert. That way, you can enjoy the fruits of the beneficial magic it brings to your website.

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