Major Factors To Look Into When Planning To Hiring Health & Safety Compliant Window Cleaners

When you plan on choosing a competent window cleaning service, there are indeed many things that you need to consider as a result. Some of these factors include reputation, reliability, cost and the location of the company. Furthermore, one of the major factors that most people tend to overlook is the compliance with health and safety. The work performed by the window cleaning service is as important as it is to know that the company meets all the rules and regulations when it comes to safety and health. 

Nowadays, people are so quick in passing around the blame that they forget that the sole responsibility not only lies with the window cleaning company but also the owner who is hiring such services as well. The following are some of the major health and safety factors that you need to look into before hiring professional window cleaners in Melbourne

The Elements To Be Considered When Hiring Window Cleaning Companies

1. Look Out For A Risk Assessment And Method Statement

Risk Assessment and Method Statement or commonly known as RAMS is an integral document that helps in protecting the safety of the public as well as the workers. Such risk assessment is an examination that helps in identifying various hazards, risks and potential problems to the employees of the window cleaning company along with the concerned public as well. 

Such a disclaimer before the work can be started is a vital step in any workplace including window cleaning services.

2. Ask For Important Certificates Of Accreditations

Window cleaning companies are associated with multiple trade organizations and associations. One of the most common accreditations in the window cleaning industry is said to be ‘Safe Contractor’, which is a government-approved scheme provided by multiple countries around the world. This ‘Safe Contractor’ tag ensures that the window cleaning company is insured adequately and that all kinds of safety & health documentation have been taken care of. 

There can also be other accreditations related to the environment as well, so be sure to ask for such copies beforehand.

3. Check The Copy Of The Company’s Policy Related To Health & Safety

There’s no denying that the health & safety of the employees, workers and service providers is important in every workplace. Since the window cleaning procedure poses a lot of risks for the professionals performing it, by having a health & safety policy, these risks can be easily minimized and controlled as well. 

During the window cleaning procedure, workers have to work at ridiculous heights, which is no doubt fatal and dangerous. Over the years, the use of ladders has given way to the alternate use of water-fed poles. Therefore, asking for the health & safety policy is indeed crucial and in case you’re not provided with the same, ensure to ask the reason. 

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