5 Best Foods to Eat to Control Diabetes

The medical condition occurring due to the improper working of the pancreas is known as Diabetes. In this condition, the production of insulin has either reduced or reached a halt. The lack of insulin could have disastrous effects on the nerves and blood vessels and lead to multiple medical conditions. Apart from the medication prescribed by the consultant, you can balance your insulin levels by figuring out the best foods you should eat.

You can also keep a check on your diabetes levels to ensure your safety. Once you are sure of the range of your blood glucose levels, you can focus on the types of food you should eat to reach the main goal. That is, controlling the levels of blood sugar and undermining the complications such as heart issues. Your diet plays a vital role in maintaining your health and keeping everything under control. You must check out the 5 best foods that can help you in controlling diabetes!

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1) Fatty Fish

People are focusing more on fatty fish nowadays as it offers great health benefits to diabetic patients. The fishes which are great sources of EPA, DHA and omega-3 include herring, salmon, anchovies, sardines and mackerel. These are highly important foods to consume for maintaining good heart health. People who consume these regularly have improved results for diabetes and fewer risks for stroke and other heart diseases.

The EPA and DHA present in fatty fish act as a protection for the cells around your blood vessels improves the function of arteries and reduces the causes of inflammation. The fish has high amounts of proteins which makes you feel full easily and regulates your blood sugar efficiently. The research indicates that consumption of fatty fish daily reduces the chances for syndromes of acute coronary diseases such as heart attacks or other heart diseases.

2) Chia Seeds

A small seed that would have so many hidden wonders is something that no one has thought of. It is high amounts of fiber, less indigestible carbs and extremely amazing for diabetic patients. If you break down a 1 ounce of chia seeds, it will have 11 parts of fiber which are the best for diabetic patients since it does not increase the sugar levels. These small seeds have the power to slow down the process of breaking down the food and the rate at which the food is absorbed. This whole slowing down of the process lowers the blood sugar levels as well, reduces chances of blood pressure and maintains glycemic control.

3) Avocados

Avocados are considered to be the healthiest foods for diabetic patients. It consists of high amounts of fiber, fewer carbohydrates, very little amount of sugar and good fats. The composition of avocado keeps you free from the worry of the rise in blood sugar levels. It improves the quality of diet, lowers the BMI and body weight and allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Avocados can be best used for breakfast and snacks and help you prevent obesity. These days avocados are being used in many foods, spreads and salads considering its benefits and the great taste it offers.

4) Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables have been known as the source of maximum nutrients and low calories. They have carbs that are absorbed by the body and they do not tend to have a significant impact on blood sugar levels. Also, diabetic patients have fewer amounts of vitamin C therefore, kale and spinach are some of the best food for them. Vitamin C reduces inflammation, the chances of cellular damage and acts as an antioxidant, and provides lutein and zeaxanthin. It also protects them from eye complications such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Vitamin C is a key ingredient in many of the vitamins for inflammation and supplements on the market today. You may consider adding one of these supplements to your diet if perhaps you are not keen on leafy green vegetables and feel that your body could do with a boost.

5) Eggs

Another amazing food for diabetic patients is eggs. They are the healthiest foods and keep you full for the longest time in between the meals. It can lower heart disease risks, improves the sensitivity of insulin, lowers inflammation, increases good cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of strokes and reduces bad cholesterol. The best breakfast a diabetes patient could have is the low-carb one that is the full eggs. You should consume it whole as the yolk tends to have more benefits.

The eggs also help in protecting against eye diseases as it contains antioxidants such as zeaxanthin and lutein. Eggs are one of the best and healthy to be consumed by diabetes patients.

Apart from focusing on the foods, you must keep a check of your sugar levels because some foods might spike your blood sugar levels and to keep a track of the sugar levels, you would need a reliable sugar level testing machine. There are many reliable devices in the market, one of which is the Contour Next One. The company is well-known for its accurate devices and providing products that have a positive impact on diabetic patients. CONTOUR aims to transform the products by bringing in more innovation.

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