5 Most Popular Health Insurance Apps

Health insurance apps have helped to make managing healthcare easier for patients, regardless of their health needs.Mobile app development for insurance plays a leading role in helping customers get the most out of their coverage and take steps to live a healthier lifestyle.

When developing a mobile application for healthcare insurance, it is essential to know which features are the most beneficial. A closer look at the most popular health insurance apps makes it easier to determine which of these features offers the most benefit. Read on to learn more about these applications.

The Benefits Health Insurance Apps Provide for Customers and Companies

Mobile app usage for healthcare is growing, with 30% growth expected between 2021 and 2030 according to GM Insights. The number of benefits available for customers and insurance companies emphasizes how important these applications can be. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

One of the most significant benefits that customers gain from insurance apps is faster access to information needed to make crucial decisions. The ability to find nearby in-network providers is a benefit for cost-conscious customers. Easier document access is an important benefit for customers who want to reduce their paper usage.

Companies benefit from medical records features that allow them to access information most relevant for claims processing. Secure messaging systems reduce the time that customer service reps must spend on the phone with customers. When customers can easily look up providers in their area, customer service staff will not need to spend as much time trying to help them find providers.

What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Developing an Insurance App?

With the global mobile health app market reaching over $300 billion by 2027 according to Research and Markets, developers need to keep the product that they create competitive. The most important thing to remember is that these apps fill an essential need in today’s world. Many people are neglecting their health because their lives are busy, and these apps help to correct that issue.

Developers will need to consider whether they want to develop an app for Android and Apple. Although the share of Android users is somewhat higher, Apple users should also be considered. When creating an app for both operating systems, developers will need to think more about how this may impact some of the features.

Features that encourage users to interact with the app more often will help increase its overall value. Wellness features that patients can use to get their health back on track increase the likelihood of their using the app regularly. This situation is a win-win scenario for patients who want to feel better and providers who want to increase compliance.

Providers need to consider which features are in high demand among patients in their area. For example, providers in regions with high rates of diabetes or heart disease may benefit from providing features that help patients manage these conditions. Providers who treat older patients may need to consider a user interface more suitable for visual impairments.

The 5 Most Popular Apps for Health Insurance

There are many mobile apps available for Android and Apple users who want to keep track of their health. These apps have a range of features that make keeping your health on track easier. These are the five most popular options:

  1. Oscar Health

Oscar Health is a company that has been in the healthcare business since 2012 when Josh Kushner and Mario Schlosser founded the company. This company represents the early adoption of mobile app technology. Some of the app’s most notable features include the ability for patients to connect with their doctors and provide assistance with the policies.

Over 3,500 doctors have partnered to provide service to over 250,000 users. A concierge team consisting of a nurse and care guides can help provide patients with all the help they need.

Some of the other noteworthy features include a reward system, a digital ID card, and the chance to communicate with the concierge team online. Users can also view their plan info online, consult a doctor for free by phone, and search for medications, symptom information, and doctors.

  1. MyHumana

Humana has been serving customers since 1961. The MyHumana app makes it easier for patients to manage their health, including scheduling their medical visits. Patients can also search for providers and pharmacies, as well as check the status of their claims.

Other features include a premium payment and the ability to view, save, and send medical records. Patients can also quickly look up information on their plan.

  1. Aetna Health

Aetna represents one of the oldest health insurance companies, having been around since 1853. This app guarantees a response in three minutes or less when contacting an agent or doctor.

Some of the things that users can do with the app include accessing health records, viewing balances related to the account, access to ID cards and plan access, and progress tracking. Patients can also search for medications, compare costs, and search for covered doctors and facilities.

  1. MyAmFam

American Family offers health insurance, in addition to its other insurance products. The MyAmFam app allows users to access their health insurance information, as well as other products from the same company.

Some of the support features include easy access to billing staff, policy changes, and claims support. Additional features include reminders, Face ID and fingerprint authentication, and complete account profiles.

  1. myCigna

This Cigna app is from one of the leading insurance companies and offers features tailored to the type of health policy that the user has. One of the most valuable features this app has is expense tracking.

Users can view claims for anyone included on their account. Users who have Health Savings Accounts can also track how much money they have contributed. Incentives are available through the app, as well as procedure searches and the ability to bookmark and group claims.

In Conclusion

The most popular health insurance apps boast the types of features that are in high demand in the industry. A closer look at these features will give developers a good idea of what to include.

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