10 Great Patio Furniture Covers for Everyday Use!

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The patio furniture covers shown below should be able to handle the weather in your area. Each patio cover is made from a different material so it’s important that you choose the patio furniture covers that will fit your needs best. Many of these patio furniture covers have been sent in by readers just like you! If you have a patio furniture cover that you love, send it in and maybe we’ll add it to our list! Enjoy!

Here are 10 great patio furniture covers for everyday use:

1) Heavy Duty Double-Tiered Sofa Cover (shown at top of page): 

“I bought this sofa cover for $20 at Walmart 4 years ago. I live right on the beach in NC and this has endured 3 hurricanes without any problems.” – Shirley R., Ocean Isle Beach, NC

2) Heavy Duty Outdoor Fabric Furniture Cover 

“This patio furniture cover is designed to weather tough conditions with a waterproof fabric that’s mildew-proof and UV-protected, so it will stay strong for years.” – Chewy Editorial Team

Heavy Duty Patio Deep Seat Sofa Cover – Cream with Burgundy Frame

3) Heavy Duty X-Style Sofa Cover 

“I have had this patio furniture cover for just over one year now. I live in Nebraska where the wind blows quite often. It has held up very well. We are now moving into winter here and it seems to be able to handle snow as well.” – Betty S., South Sioux City, NE

4) Double Reclining Loveseat Outdoor Fabric Furniture Cover 

“This patio furniture cover is $20.97 at Walmart. It has held up very well for me. I put it on at night so the fabric would stretch before it rained, and took it off in the morning because the sun makes the fabric tight.” – Sharon M., Payson, AZ

5) Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Covers for 6 Pieces of Furniture 

“I found these patio covers really great! They are made with good quality material that you don’t find in most patio furniture covers nowadays. I like how they are not entirely waterproof because then in times when you do need to use them that way (ex: rain), you can actually leave your patio set for a while without worrying about it being wet.” – Chewy Editorial Team

6) Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Covers for 4 Pieces of Furniture 

“I used to have patio furniture covers that were too small and fell apart after just one year. I bought this patio furniture cover last month and the material is thicker than my previous patio furniture covers which should make it last longer.” – Will C., Broomfield, CO

7) Heavy Duty Outdoor Sofa Cover for Deep Seat Sofas 

“I love this patio furniture cover! The quality of the fabric is awesome and I feel like my patio set will be protected from the sun’s UV rays with all the flaps. If you have a large patio set, this patio furniture cover is a must-have! “- Chewy Editorial Team

8) Heavy Duty Outdoor Sofa Cover for Loveseats and Chairs 

“Very happy with this patio furniture cover. The material is a little thinner than what I’ve had before but it still seems to be of great quality. It has been through 4 rounds of snow and sleet so far and no rips or tears!” – Sandy M., Dickson City, PA

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Furniture Covers for 4 Pieces of Furniture

9) Heavy Duty Outdoor Sofa Cover 

“This patio sofa cover is great quality at under $30! It has held up against all of the wind, rain, snow that we get here in Minnesota. We have it over our patio set and it completely covers everything.” – Jessica G., Saint Paul, MN

10) Heavy Duty Outdoor Furniture Covers for 5 Pieces of Furniture 

“The patio furniture cover is great because it’s elasticized all the way around so you can really stretch it to fit over even extra wide patio sets. The material seems pretty strong but just keep in mind that this patio furniture cover won’t stop water from seeping underneath (if you need something waterproof please see my other picks). It has tied-down cords around the bottom to make sure you get a good fit!”

A furniture patio cover is placed


Patio furniture covers are a great investment to keep patio sets in good condition year-round. The patio set accessory market is full of different patio furniture covers with varying degrees of heavy-duty protection. Chewy has done the research for you and taken the top patio furniture covers from across the internet to save you time and money!

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