Why Should Your Home Inspections Include Mold Testing?

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Mold testing is essential in the present time. But you come across property owners who feel mold testing is only a waste of their money. If you are amongst individuals who feel mold testing is not an option for you, then you should continue reading this content.

Molds are microorganisms that can badly impact your health. The level at which these organisms can invade your home can never be calculated. If left unnoticed, molds can infest your home for ages. In simple terms, your health is always at risk.

Hiring a professional mold inspection in New Jersey team should be your first option if your house is infested. Professional mold remediation services can help eliminate microbes like molds and fungus for good from your property.

Why do individuals never include mold testing in their home inspections?

The first reason for not including mold testing as a part of home inspections is that individuals feel it’s a waste of their money. Most molds can remain invisible and out of sight for years. If buyers do not notice any signs of molds on the walls or ceiling, they may not want to request the home inspection team to test for mold presence.

Secondly, most buyers are never aware of the health issues they can face if the property is infected with microbes. So they never feel the need to test the property for molds.

Importance of mold testing the home during home inspections

1. Molds are toxic

All types of molds and fungus are toxic to our health. Molds, even if present in small quantities, can release millions of spores in the air. This is the same air that you breathe when indoors. When you breathe, millions of spores are also entering your respiratory system.

The moisture present in the body can be an ideal breeding ground for these spores. They multiply and affect your health negatively. If this is happening to you then you are already facing respiratory issues.

2. Molds can infect any home

There is no theory that molds and fungus may only infect old homes. There is evidence that even newly constructed property could be infected by these microbes. Even if you are purchasing a new property, it is important to get the house tested by an experienced mold inspection team.

Your home inspections should always include mold testing reports. If the new house is already infected then you will breathe poor quality air.

3. Health issues and illness

Bad quality air can certainly affect your entire body’s immune system. The toxic sores can lead to chronic conditions including asthma. If the condition is left unchecked for years, you may have less chance to recover from this condition.

Damp air can also affect the respiratory function of the lungs. There are chances that your lungs could easily collapse. Death is also common in severe cases. Kids and infants are more susceptible to these infections at a younger age.

4. Property damage

The mildew is incorporated in the walls of the bathroom

It is also obvious that these microbes can affect the condition of the property. The walls may collapse at any stage. The ceiling can also get affected. If you have new paint on the walls then it can easily peel off. It is also never easy to paint the walls that have been infected by molds and microbes.

Mold-infected property can easily get damaged with time. The life span of the property is also less. You should always ensure that on a regular basis the property is tested for microbes’ presence. You can hire the best home inspection team to test the property.

Homes that are infected by these organisms may not be easy to insure. Most insurance companies do not want to finance properties that are not safe to stay.  


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