Your Dog Is A Family Member: Nightmares We Can Encounter With Our Furry Friend

A family is not complete without a dog or at least some form of pet in many people’s opinions. The unconditional love that a dog offers can be comforting as well as good for our mental health. Not all situations that we encounter with our dog are going to be positive as even a perfect dog can present a problem or two. The odds are that the behavior that is unwanted has been conditioned by the way that you treat the dog. In the case of a rescue the behaviors could have been learned as a form of self-preservation if your dog was in an abusive home. The following are issues that can/will arise with man’s best friend as well as how to break them of bad habits/deal with these unfortunate events.

Excessive Begging For Food

Nothing is worse than going to another person’s home only to have their dog jumping on the table trying to grab food from your hand. Poor training can be blamed for this so if your dog commonly does this it is most likely your family’s doing. For no reason should you feed a dog off of the table and the dog should wait to be fed until after the humans have finished eating. Reprimanding the dog for begging is also important as it is not only uncomfortable but it can be annoying for guests. Guests that are not very fond of dogs could actually be scared which can send off the wrong message to your dog.

Severe Injury

One of the worst feelings has to be when a dog is sick or injured as it cannot verbalize what is wrong. This is coupled with the fact that vet visits are rarely affordable for the average person. Investing in pet insurance needs to be done as you do not want to make a decision on your pet’s life on financial grounds but rather decide on what is best for the dog. Pet insurance does not cover preventative procedures or medication but does cover injury/sickness. There are certain breeds like English Bulldogs that are not only expensive to purchase but can also have their owners incurring thousands of dollars in vet bills. This breed is known to have quite a few health problems with their hips and eyes as they age.

Dog Attacked Someone

The dog that you know and love might be aggressive to particular people for one reason or another. A family can be put in a very strange place after this happens if it has happened to a family friend. The dog might be put down as well as your family could have to deal with a lawsuit if it is deemed there was any negligence on your part. With this being said, a person entering your property without permission being bitten by the dog is a far different situation. The dog would just be protecting his home and family so most judges will never side with someone trespassing. Train your dog early that aggressive behavior is not allowed as aggressive habits could lead to someone being injured.

The Home Looks Like A Bomb Went Off When Dog Is Alone

There are dogs that suffer so badly from separation anxiety that when you leave it is the worst possible thing that can happen to them. This can be seen through nanny cams set up with some dogs turning destructive due to excess stress. Cannabidog offers CBD products for dogs that might suffer from separation anxiety or just general anxiety. CBD has been found to have a plethora of benefits for both humans as well as pets. Dosing your dog with this type of medicine before leaving can allow them to be calm even when they are alone. This does not mean that you shouldn’t put important things that can be destroyed away though as some dogs are just destructive to have a bit of fun!

Your Family Simply Cannot Care For The Dog Anymore

Life has plenty of twists and turns so there might come a day where you cannot care for your dog anymore. This could be due to health problems causing you to move into an assisted living facility where pets are not allowed. Certain apartment complexes do not accept particular breeds so before signing a lease check into this. A dog is a 10 to 15 year commitment and should be treated as so. If you have plans to move overseas in the next 3 to 5 years then skip getting a dog. You do not want the god you love thinking you have abandoned them as they consider you a part of their pack.

The addition of a dog to your family can make it complete as they can add quite a bit of fun and love to your family dynamic. The dog is a part of the family so treat them as so but stay aware of the possibility an issue could arise like one given above.

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