Why is Health and Safety Essential?

Never understood the need for health and safety? Read the post to find out why every workplace must and should emphasize health and safety for staff and customers.

For all of us that work, it’s not something we fear going to – sure, some might dread working, but everyone that attends should feel safe at work, right? It’s important that we enter the working day assured that our health and safety is a top priority so we can perform our daily tasks without the worry of accident or injury. So, why do some neglect health and safety? Why aren’t there more undertaking health and safety training courses? Maybe because they don’t fully understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace.

Well, our post is here to change that. Here, we discuss the importance of work health and safety course Melbourne. We cover everything from what it is, how it works and what could happen without the right health and safety training. Without further ado, let’s get into the ins and outs of health and safety.

What are Health and Safety?

Health and safety are in place to ensure that those in a working environment are safe, putting their health first. Whilst some workplaces require different levels of health and safety regulations, it’s a set standard to ensure that those working are protected from potential accidents and injury. It works by assessing the need for health and safety, to see what procedures should be put in place for those working to ensure that they are safe. It’s not just for a working environment, as public health and safety come into play when, well, members of the public are outside of their homes. Health and safety cover everything from fire exits to finding a useful source for asset tags to deter potential thieves from stealing equipment to ensuring that the right equipment is being worn when dealing with hazardous substances. These regulations and procedures are in place to help minimize accidents and injuries in both working and public environments.

How does it work?

All workers no matter if they are full time, part time or temporary/contractors, are entitled to be in working environments where proper health and safety procedures have been put in place by law. For every office, factory, restaurant and every other workplace you could think of, will follow similar procedures for health and safety. It all starts with an initial assessment, to identify risks through looking at equipment, the area, access points, exit points, electrics, fire hazards – everything you could think of that could be a detriment to health and safety.

Once this risk assessment is carried out, the necessary steps are taken. For example, in a place where there is gas in use, in the event of a gas leak there should be a button to cut off all gas, instantly – this will reduce the risk of the gas spreading or causing a fire. After these solutions are implemented, it’s up to employers to train staff, making them aware of the risks.

Training can vary from online awareness, through e-courses, hands-on training or even specialist training, which is sometimes outsourced to specialist training companies. It’s important that health and safety be implemented from both sides. Sure, the employers need to ensure that measures and procedures are in place, but employees must make sure they are aware of risks, undergo the right training, and ensure that they are working safely in their workplace.

Workplace Accidents & Injury

Whilst health and safety procedures can help minimize the risks of both accidents and injury, it’s never a guarantee. Because accidents happen and can cause injuries for employees. Some of the most common causes of injury in the workplace aren’t through lack of health and safety. The most common causes can be the repetitive strain, fighting and even walking into objects. However, accidents through chemicals, lifting, falling objects and more can be reduced by health and safety procedures. Teaching the correct equipment to wear, say if working around loud machinery or even how to operate a forklift. Ensuring the proper training is in place means that accidents and injuries are minimized – whilst they may occur, the risks are significantly reduced.

Legal Requirement

Health and safety isn’t a privilege, it’s a right. All employers must ensure that their staff is working in a safe environment, to make sure that their lives are protected. Even in the most dangerous of environments, training is essential even if it is specialist training. All workplaces have a minimum of health and safety standards to minimize risks of injury to both staff and customers.

If you weren’t convinced about the value of health and safety, you should be now. Health and safety is law and should be in place for all workplaces to ensure that everyone is protected and safe.

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