7 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as A Newbie

Blogging is a trend these days. Many writers venture into blogging for many different purposes; some use it merely as an avenue for self-expression, while others go into blogging as an income-making source. Whatever your goal is, blogging is a worthwhile experience! You get to share your thoughts and opinions with others, inspire and motivate your readers, or on some occasions, you get to test out products for free.

You’ve started your blog with care, maintained it, and have already started posting; but, there are inevitable mistakes that we sometimes tend to overlook when in comes to SEO. Here are some usual ones that new bloggers make:

  1. Not Utilizing Any Keywords

When you’ve already chosen a topic to write about, do remember to research for keywords as well. Most bloggers tend to forget the technical skill of working with keywords. Blogging is not as strict as that of writing a research paper, for example. However, keywords are still necessary to help make your blog land the top spots after a potential reader searches about your topic.

Keywords are the words that are usually used by readers when searching for specific content. When a user thinks of a particular issue, keywords are those words that they instantly remember – and relate to that topic. When you can strategically use keywords in your content, it increases the chances of your blog landing top spots in searches.

Here are some tips to follow when inserting keywords for your blog:

  • Use at least three to four keywords per content.
  • Check to see what keywords your competitors are using, so you can have an idea on what to use (or how to use them), while still keeping your originality!
  • Study from websites like SIXGUN that will help you how to market your blog by using keywords.
  1. Being Afraid To Invest In Your Blog

For those of you who are blogging to earn a living, do not expect to make money without putting in a little investment for a start. Doing a blog, and maintaining it, is generally not expensive. However, it will do you well if you spend a little bit to have someone design your blog professionally for starters. Your blog’s quality will also improve if you become open-minded to investing on file sharing companies like Digital Pigeon which offers both images and videos.

  1. Being Too Focused And Limited by Topics that Interest You

Most bloggers limit themselves only to what they know – or what they interested in writing about. Do not make this mistake. At first, it may be difficult, but it is also fun to learn about new topics, research about it and gain further information as well. The best thing you can do when you run out of new ideas to write about is to ask your readers what they would like to hear.

When you write about something challenging, you will be surprised by how much variety of topics you can put in your blog. Here are some other tips to remember, when thinking of a topic to write:

  • Try to write on more specific issues – don’t be too general. Avoid generic themes like: “Best Business Ideas For You.” You can be better by becoming more specific like focusing on what area in business or what year.
  • Give your content more depth by keeping your word count between 750 to 850 words.
  • Keep your posts flawless by going through grammar-check websites first like Grammarly and other websites that provide basic and pro blogging tips and tricks.

  1. Being Too Stiff With Your Voice

Loosen up a little bit when writing your blog. You are not writing a research paper. If your topic is not technical, do minimize technical terms that not many readers might understand. If you are too downbeat, your reader might not finish reading your blog. Be light, breezy and enjoy! Imagine writing like as if you are talking to your best friend.

Veteran bloggers suggest that you first make an outline before you write, create sub-headings if you can – and let your ideas flow from that list.

  1. Becoming Too Personal

Unless you are a high-status celebrity, no one is interested in learning about your experiences and your stories. Avoid from going into personal details. If you must talk about any inspiring experience to help motivate others, then do so subtly. Do not fill your blog with JUST personal stories.

  1. Refusing To Network With Other Bloggers

It will be a very healthy mindset for you not to think of other bloggers as your competition, but your friends. Linking to other bloggers is how some of the most successful ones have made it to the top. They collaborate and network with others as well. Networking will be beneficial for you as a newbie, as this is also how you will make yourself known. You can also check free blogging sites to send your content and that way you’ll network with others and help your ranking and traffic too.

  1. Checking Your Statistics All The Time

You’ve only just started blogging so you should stop checking those statistics all the time. Doing this will make you stiff and pressured. Blogging should be an enjoyable process. Plus, because you are still new, it is already a given that your statistics still won’t be that good. Give yourself room to grow and improve. It is a slow, but also a rewarding process.

Here are what you should do instead:

  • Focus on writing catchy and up-to-date headlines.
  • Research on more and more keywords.
  • Study on your target market and how to reach them – or research about other ways to increase traffic on your blog. Doing this makes you more productive rather than checking statistics all the time – and not doing anything about it.


Now that you have a list of all these mistakes you (and other newbies) are making, you might be able to make your next content even better. There is wisdom in the saying “Practice makes perfect.” No, blogging is not easy; but, if you keep practicing and staying motivated while learning as you go, you will enjoy it as a hobby – and even as a money-making source.

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