What of the Oil Vape Pens for Sale Should I Get?!

What of the Oil Vape Pens for Sale Should I Get?!

In this post, I want to help you navigate the CBD vape world, specifically in the UK. So I will explain to you what an oil vape pen is and what I think is the best of the vape pens for sale in the UK


CBD vaping is the most effective way to take CBD!

CBD vaping is one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD due to its bioavailability. This term means the percentage and speed at which a substance dissolves. In the case of CBD, a higher bioavailability means a higher percentage of CBD dissolves into your bloodstream at a quicker rate. With vaping CBD, a higher amount is absorbed and more quickly by the large surface area and blood supply of your lungs. 


What do you vape if you decide to vape CBD? 

If you decide to vape CBD, this does not mean you can just start vaping the CBD oil that you would buy in a tincture and usually take via your mouth. This type of CBD is mixed with a carrier liquid such as MCT and so it will be too thin to vape and most likely break the device you put it into. Rather, you will need to buy CBD specifically made for vaping. In the UK, the best CBD brand UK claims that the most popular two types of vape liquid are CBD e-liquid and CBD vape oil. 


What is the difference between CBD e-liquid and CBD vape oil? 

CBD e-liquid is just like any other e-liquid or vape juice that traditional vapers use to vape. Meaning, it is made from a base of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and then the hemp extract (CBD) and natural terpenes (what is responsible for their flavoring) are dissolved into this solution. However, due to the saturation properties of the e liquids, the strongest you can make CBD e liquids without them separating is 10%. CBD vape oil on the other hand tends to be a lot stronger ranging from 55-65% in strength as it is a lot more concentrated. It is not dissolved in any other liquid but is hemp extract, natural terpenes, and nothing else.


Which is better?

In terms of what is technically “better” for you, then this would be vaping CBD vape oil as it is slightly healthier is that it is the most natural way to vape CBD – pure hemp extract. Meaning, as explained earlier, it is not mixed in with any other cutting agents so the CBD is in its purest form. If you mean “better” in terms of which is a better vaping experience, it really depends on what you are looking for. CBD vape oil is much stronger so requires fewer puffs to feel a stronger hit or effect. However, if you are looking to vape CBD more regularly throughout the day, it would be better to go for a CBD e-liquid which is a lot lighter (5-10% CBD). 


What is a CBD oil vape pen?

Once you have decided which CBD you’d like to vape, then you must get yourself a device to vape with. CBD e liquids can use the same device that you use with vape juice or nicotine e liquids. You just fill up the tank with CBD e-liquid instead. However, CBD vape oil requires a specific vape pen that is strong enough to be above to heat up the thicker oil. This is known as a CBD vape oil pen.


Which of the oil vape pens for sale should I get? 

This brings us back to why I wrote this blog in the first place… There are quite a few options for oil vape pens for sale in the UK. However, there aren’t that many brands who are selling high strength CBD oil vape cartridges so that’s why I go with the oil vape pen option from the brand where I get my high strength carts – Paso. The reason being, if they make the cartridge, they are going to have the oil vape pen for sale that will work best with them. So check it out and let me know what you think. You can see from my picture how slick it looks! 

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