Guide to Consume Premium Cannabis Without Inhaling Harmful Smoke

Guide to Consume Premium Cannabis Without Inhaling Harmful Smoke

Cannabis consumption has always remained a topic of curiosity among every community throughout the world. Despite its massive consumption for centuries, still people consider it in the category of taboo. If you are a beginner who wants to try and experience the euphoria of cannabis without putting your health at risk, we recommend smoke-free consumption. Since they came into existence, both smokable and oh really consumable variants are available. However, a large community prefers smokable products only because of their instant hit. If you are a non-smoker and expecting the same experience without inhaling harmful towers of smoke in your lungs, there are several safer options. Since weed became legal in several countries, researchers discovered numerous ways of its consumption.

Scroll down to check the most convenient and effective ways to get high on weed without smoke.

1. Vaporizer Devices

Vaporizers are among the recently introduced modern technology specimens currently popular among cannabis lovers. You must be familiar with the household models of vaporizers meant for sinus clogging relief. The vaping devices meant for weed consumption also work on a similar but more sophisticated mechanism. Vaping devices of cannabis products are available in two different types of heating efficiencies i.e. convection and conduction. The devices of convection mechanism are more expensive and superior as compared to conduction mechanism because of their efficiency of atomizing stuff. However, their large size is a problem when you want to carry them in the pocket like a pen. Both devices are capable of producing vapor clouds enriched with cannabinoid and terpenes properties.

In order to consume cannabis through a vaporizer, you can choose between liquid and solid concentrate options. The conventional models of vaping devices only work with vaping juice. Either you need to fill the tank with liquid juice or replace its cartridge. Evolved technology has also made it possible to atomize solid cannabis products like dry herb buds, wax, and hash into vapors. Modern vaporizer devices are equipped with this function. Vaping juices contain various other chemicals to produce vapors while heating up whereas wax or hash are free from additives.

 Consumption Tips

If you are a beginner to Cannabis products and have no idea about choosing the rites train according to your capacity, go with the option of vaporizers. Vaping juices are labeled with a specific percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive element). Before getting Cannabis delivery in Toronto, consult with the seller for recommendations according to your capacity. –

If you can handle the hard-hitting of Cannabis concentrates, try wax and hash. Keep the number of solid concentrates at the limit to avoid an overdose.


2. Edible Products

Various confectionery products infused with premium Cannabis in Toronto are available for sale at local and online stores. You can buy a browny, gummy bear, fruit drink, or cookies, whatever seems delicious. Just like vaping liquids, these edibles also come with a precise percentage of THC and other cannabinoids. Choose a variant as per your capacity. Another substance similar to cannabis (but potentially stronger) that you can try in edible form is psilocybin mushrooms, which can cause mind-expanding, beautiful experiences as well. Before you consume anything, however, do your research on the recommended dosages and safety tips to follow. Look up some fun things to do on shrooms if you do decide to explore these magical fungi!

Consumption Tips

While consuming any variant of edible products, be aware of its potency. A tiny gummy may contain 15 to 20% of THC which is enough to get you high. However, edibles take time to show results. Keep patience for at least 30 minutes before deciding to consume another one.

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