Tools And Tips Involving The World Of Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytic is one major part associated with Instagram marketing strategy. There are some ways involved to help you know if the IG marketing strategy is going according to plan or how well you are able to track the IG performance. It is a great way to improve the value of your content to yet another level. Analytics is primarily essential for answering the questions you have in your mind. With the help of this IG analytics, you can procure a ton of major data and information to understand how the brand is subject to perform on IG and ways to improve the results.

There are so many things for you to learn when it comes to Instagram Analytics. Right from the insights to tips, metrics and even tools, Instagram houses its own world to it. right from the basic to advanced metrics available to what you can get for free, you can use it all for boosting he present IG marketing. You can join Blastup for the finest approach in terms of Instagram Analytics and start working on it from the first till last.

Instagram insights and proven metrics to measure and improve performance

Instagram is here to provide a wide range of metrics along with insights for measuring your said performance. You can further understand the audience and then improve the results of the IG marketing. The metrics along with the insights can always be procured from the native analytics of Instagram or some of the other IG analytics tools.

  • Most of the metrics available are mostly considered as level-one metrics. The data is made available in the most basic form, comprising of followers and their numbers, an even number of comments. Most of the time, people go with level two metrics, which are calculated metrics. Those will be engagement rate and followers growth.
  • Under the profile analytics on Instagram, you have follower count, which is the number of people following the IG account. Then you have impressions, which are total times of all the posts that have been seen.
  • Another point here is a reach, which is a number of unique accounts that you saw any of your chosen posts into. Then you have profile views, where you can check the number of times your profile has been viewed.
  • Website clicks will be another point to notice. It will count the number of taps on the website link, as in profile bio. Call clicks or email clicks will calculate the number of taps to email or call businesses.
  • Some of the other points here are posts, mentions, branded hashtags and more. You need to know the count before addressing some more ideas within your Instagram platform.

Perfect audience insights on your IG account to follow

Just like focusing on profile analytics, you need to focus on audience insights. It will help you to know more about the IG platform and the services included within the lot. Be sure to get along with the best practices and understand the notes widely available to match your needs.

  • The first category in here will be Gender, which is the distribution of your followers, under men or women category. Then you have the age distribution of followers. It starts from 13 to 17 and will end up with 65+.
  • Another point will be the top locations, where you will count the top five cities and countries, where the followers are. 
  • Then you need to work out on the average times, in hours for the followers who are on your IG page every day a week. Then you have to count the followers by the day. Make sure to learn when the followers are most active.

Understanding the Instagram posts

It is really important for you to learn more about the Instagram posts, under photos or videos here. The first one got to be impressions. Here, you will consider the number of times any post has been seen. Then you have the reach, which will be calculated based on the number of unique accounts that might have seen the post. You have a separate package dedicated to likes and comments. It is pretty much self-explanatory. 

Then you have separate joints talking about saved profiles. It will talk about the number of unique accounts that might have saved a post. Then you have engagement, which is a number of unique accounts you have saved, liked or commented on posts. It will further talk about the number of views relating to video posts.

Working your way out of Instagram Stories

When it comes to Instagram Stories, there are so many points that you have to cater to right now. It starts with impressions. Here, you will talk about a number of times any particular video or photo might have been seen within your story. The story should have a proper reach to it. It will be counted on the number of unique IG profiles that have seen the particular video or photo within your story.

It will also talk about the number of exists, as part of it. This section will further talk about replies, to any particular video or photo in the story. Another section will talk about people’s insights. Here, it will deal with a number of accounts that might have seen a particular video or photo in your story. If you want, you can always check out those accounts by just clicking on the handle within the list.

Remember that you have the Instagram native analytics, which is a perfect tool for measuring the performance of IG Stories. You can try out some of those tools, just to make it work in your favor. 

Focusing on live video streams on IG

Remember to keep some parts out for the Instagram videos as well. The count of live viewers will significantly help you to understand the current popularity that you have. A count on viewers is equally important at this stage and you better follow the same without a second question in here. Go through all the points and scores before the final approach.

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