3 Benefits of Selling Your House without a Real Estate Agent

If you are thinking about hiring a real estate agent to help you sell one of your Arabian Ranches villas for sale, you might need to read the article to see whether you want to spend on hiring a real estate agent or not. Apart from the cost being saved by selling your property without hiring a real estate agent, there are a bunch of other benefits as well that you get when you sell your property without a real estate agent. Here are a few of them:

1. You Don’t Have to Pay the Realtor’s Commission

The first and foremost, the reason why a lot of people opt for not hiring a real estate agent for buying or selling a property is to save up on the commission they take. Realtors take around 2% to 3% of property value. Selling your home without hiring a realtor sure saves you bucks. Still, you have to pay the buyer’s realtor’s commission if they have a representation which they usually do. So, all in all, you will end up paying 4% to 6% of the total property value if you both have hired real estate agents.

2. You Control the Process

The best thing about selling your home without hiring a real estate agent is you know exactly the whole process flow and you are in full control of the process. Imagine you put one of your Dubai Marina apartments for sale with the help of a realtor. Sometimes real estate agents might push you to sign up for a deal that you might not be feeling comfortable about. The reason is that they genuinely think this is the best deal for you while you think you might need to negotiate the offer further. Some real estate agents might push you to make deals in a hurry to log their own commission, in either case, its good that you are in charge of the overall process by not involving a real estate agent in it.

3. You Have All the Knowledge About Your Home

A professional real estate agent knows how to put the best picture of your house in front of potential buyers and how to conceal its defects in front of them. But, even the most re-known professionals don’t know your home better than you do. While it’s not advisable to put emotions first in getting a transaction done, your attachment to your home can provide various benefits at open houses and showings. People always find FSBO open houses to be more interesting and informative than agent-based ones. So, take all the lead and you will find the best deal without hiring a realtor for selling your house.

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