Tips to Get the Perfect Hairstyle on Your Wedding Day

So, your wedding day must have arrived – feeling excited? The venue, menu, invitations, wedding gown, décor, and the endless list of requirements – all must be in place. But hold on! Have you hired a hair designer? You surely must have hired a makeup artist, but have you considered hiring a specialized hair designer? If you haven’t, you can still try fixing appointments and trying your luck with some of the expert hairstylists, who will surely give a style perfectly complementing you on your life’s special day.

And in case, you don’t get an appointment, here’s a checklist for you form Sydney best hair stylist – it will help you to prevent the last-minute guff ups.

Checklist of bridal hair makeup

Select the dress first

If you have not decided on your wedding dress yet, it’s still not time to finalize your hairstyle. Experts say that to look the best; you should first select your wedding dress and then decide on your hair design and your makeup that will complement it the best.

There cannot be another better way to get an idea of your entire look than scheduling the makeup and hair trial on the same day as your dress fitting – it will help you to see exactly how it all goes together before you actually dress up on y0ur wedding day. 

Never ignore trials

Don’t let your wedding day present you with any surprises when it comes to your makeup or dress because, in spite of all the planning, the wedding day always has some surprises. So, it’s better to plan and try things which you can. 

Learning about hairstyles and seeing it in any magazine is bound to be a lot different when it is done on you. If you have a hairstylist, trials will help you to make the necessary changes. A style that looks good on others may not look good on you, too – it’s your day, so you have the full authority to look the way you want. And do that trials are imperative!

Let nothing come between you and your comfort

It’s a thumb rule – you cannot look good until you are comfortable in your wedding attire, and it not only includes the dress you wear but the makeup you apply and the hairstyle you select. 

Trial not only helps you to see how exactly you will look with the makeup and dress, but it also helps you to understand whether you feel comfortable or not.

Avoid drastic last-minute changes

While you are free to look the way you want, experts hair stylists suggest avoiding scheduling drastic changes at least a few weeks before your wedding. If there’s any hair color or hair cut that you had dreamt of since long, go for it when you have time. Make sure to schedule any required hair maintenance at least a few weeks before your big day. Thus, in case anything goes wrong, you will have time to cover the goof up.

Embrace hair accessories

You might be planning to opt for a classic bridal hairstyle and feel you don’t need any hair accessories. But, the beautiful bridal hair accessories available can be an attractive way to add a little pizazz to your look. Few floral hairpieces, the pins, and the headbands can bring that extra bit of bling to your wedding day.

Speak to your hair designer, and she will surely have options and ideas which you might not be able to think of. She mostly carries a box full of surprises, and with a little hunt, you will surely find that perfect accessory, which will give you the desirable stunning beauty.

Take loads of photos 

Some brides have specific designs in their minds, while others want to have a mix and blend of a few models. Whatever your take is, carrying photos during the appointment with your hairstylist is the best idea. Seeing is much better than telling!

When your designer sees the type of design you expect and has an idea of your wedding day theme and dress, she will surely give you the best suggestion.

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