The Essential Things To Learn About Pod Systems And Pod Vapes

A pod system can be defined as either a pre-filled or an empty pod – set up with a handheld battery in a compact form. Such pods feature charging through their USB ports and have batteries that are rated at low amperes. Such pods are easy to use and are therefore more popular in today’s world because of the same. It’s also very portable to carry anywhere and use anywhere too. There are no such problems that you’ve to deal with when you consider the normal ways of smoking.

In case you’re planning to indulge yourself in the world of vaping with the help of JUUL pods in UK store products, then you’ve come to the right place. The following article guide will help you know all the essential things that you need to know about pod vapes and pod systems. 

What Do You Mean By Pod Systems?

Pod systems can be defined as e-cigarettes which use a pre-filled cartridge – known as the pod, which itself holds the entire e-liquid. There’s no need to change the coils or even refill the tanks – the pod should be self-contained and should simply be inserted into the device itself. Apart from that, every one functioning of the pod system holds similar to any other smoking mechanism. The atomizer inside the device will heat the liquid and therefore vapor will be produced. 

The best vaping pods are always simple to use and are not just made for all the beginners out there. There are different types and styles of pods out there for every need and requirement of vapers. Therefore, you can find the style you need. 

The Reasons To Use A Pod System

The following are some of the greatest benefits of using pod systems:

  • The Easy To Use – It’s easier to vape or puff away through a pod system rather than lighting a cigarette. There’s also very little maintenance that you have to deal with it as well.
  • The Compactness – Most pod systems out there use pre-filled cartridges that are small and are therefore can be easily used.
  • The Portability – Since such pod systems are compact in size and can be carried anywhere easily, even inside your shirt or pants pocket makes them perfect for easy portability.
  • The Affordability – The pod systems that you can buy nowadays are indeed very affordable and will not cost you an arm and a leg. When you buy pods, you’ll be saving money in the long-run.
  • The Discreteness – Pod systems are great for doing vaping stealthily. You can take a quick puff anywhere you want, without having to deal with fire and smoke.

The Different Types Of Pod Systems

Pod systems can generally be divided into two main categories, such as open systems and closed systems.

When you’re talking about closed systems, the pod system will mostly be self-contained and also pre-filled. Furthermore, the pod system can also use refills from the same manufacturer, just like closed loops are.

When using an open system, refills can be used from different brands. The best ones out there are easy to fill and will still have the benefits of being intuitive to use as well.

The most popular types of open pod systems are the vape pods and vape pens. Such systems offer increased choice in terms of e-juice flavors and are also more versatile. Each system will have its pros and cons and therefore the user needs to decide which product it’ll be beneficial to choose. It all depends on personal opinion. 

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