Jetboat Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Fun

Jet boats can be a great source of fun on the waters – it helps you unravel the facets which a regular boat cannot! 

When compared to a boat, you can launch a Jet Ski quickly from storage without having to perform any lengthy safety checks, and haul it more conveniently. However, you need to ensure that you take proper care of it, or you won’t be able to reap the benefits of it all round the year.

When it comes to maintaining a Jet, few preventative steps can help your having fun and avoid being stuck out when on the waters – which is the most undesirable scenario when you are all set for enjoying a day with your loved ones. 

We have shared some of the primary maintenance tips for you to get started.

Jetboat maintenance tips

Consider the owner’s manual

You will always get a manual along with your boat, make sure to keep it properly as it comes handy at various points of time.  The dealer makes sure that the manual is customized as per the boat’s specifications, and he also ensures to include the little maintenance tips in it.

The tips shared by us can be added support to the manual!

Regularly check and maintain engine oils

Unlike the newer models of Jet Skis, some of the older models have 2-stroke engines – means that you will have to premix oil and fuel. The newer models have 4-stroke engines for which you do not have to use any mixed solutions as there are separate areas for fuel and oil. 

After you take the Jet Ski out of storage, the first thing you should do is to assess the engine fuel accurately. In case you have stored it with fuel, no fuel stabilizer, ensure to add it along with the cleaner before you starting.

Flush out the old fuel

If there’s any old fuel remaining in the engine, you might need to flush it out, mainly when the boat hasn’t been used for long. In case you don’t know how to dispose of it, consult experts and take their advice on it. You must make sure not to flush out old fuel in the garbage or any water bodies. As it has chances of causing fires, blasts, and ground contamination.

At least once a year, drain out the engine and change the filters, and empty the pump and fill it with new oil.

Check all the parts carefully

Every time before hitting the waters with your Jet Ski, you should do a thorough check of all the jet boat parts & accessories, including the wires, throttle cables, and trim. There should not be any unattached or damaged parts. And if you notice even a minute problem, replace it before it takes more severe shape and become more complicated. 

You mustn’t start the Jet Ski’s engine if there’s any smell of fuel; this can be the probable sign of leakage, loose cable, or dented fuel tank.

Keep the exterior clean

Keeping the exterior of your boat clean is not essential only for the aesthetics, but it also helps to enhance the longevity of your Jet. Every time you sail, your Jet Ski is exposed to aquatic elements and rough weather, which can cause corrosion. 

So, wipe down the windshield and seat after every sail to prevent weathering or staining. Never forget that saltwater can corrode metal, which can be prevented only through regular cleaning and making sure that there are no wet patches.

Winterize your Jet

In most cases, we do not use the boats during the winters, and it is parked till the time sunny days are back again.

Taking proper measures to winterize your boat is an essential part of maintaining it and also increase its longevity. There shouldn’t be a speck of water in the engine, dry the entire Jet, clean the craft thoroughly, add fuel stabilizer if when filling up the engine, lubricate metal hinges and handles, remove the batteries and charge it regularly, or else it will die, cover up the Jet and store!

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