Tips for Home Cleaning – Carpet Stains and Odours

Home cleaning is important for hygiene, comfort and the visual appeal of your home, and there’s almost no area in the home that has more effect than the carpet. Unfortunately, this is an area that also often needs the most attention as people walk mess around and dirt falls eventually to the ground. Even worse, if someone spills or there is another related mishap.

Whether you have discovered a stubborn stain yourself, can’t get rid of the smell or even if you have just moved and want to freshen the whole house, we have some easy tips you can use to clean your carpets. It’s surprisingly easy, and you will have your carpets clean and fresh in no time.

All you will need is some vinegar, baking soda, laundry powder, a vacuum plus some towels and a broom and you will be ready to remove unwanted stains and smells. Of course, there is also a multitude of carpet cleaning products available at your local supermarket, so feel free to use these as well.

Cleaning Odours

Whether it’s a general odour you are trying to remove from the whole house, such as cigarette smoke, or a concentrated area of unpleasantness, the method is the same. The longer you can leave the baking soda in place, the better your result, so do this overnight or for as long as possible.

When you have let the soda do its job of sucking odour from the air, you can sweep the carpet and remove the excess baking soda. You probably won’t want to just vacuum it straight away as this can cause damage to your vacuum cleaner. Your vacuum cleaner bag will also become quite full and heavy during the clean-up process, so remember to stop and empty it as you go.

According to Word Maze: when you have finished vacuuming, you should be able to smell an improvement in the area. Stubborn odours will likely still leave a residue of smell, and this is where the vinegar comes in. Mixed in equal parts in water, lightly spray the carpet with your mix and allow it to settle in for 15-20 minutes. You don’t want to soak the carpets in it, so a light spray should do.

Vinegar is known to have odour fighting power, and you can even add it to things such as your laundry to help fight odours in your clothes.

Once you have let it settle for a while, wipe the area with a towel or cloth. You can then spray fresh water in the area to clean the vinegar residue, but remember not to get the carpet too wet or you will be creating a new odour to deal with. If possible, open up the room to some fresh air to help dry any moisture.

Stubborn odours may take a few applications before they disappear completely, so be prepared to repeat this process once the carpet is dry. However, in most cases, you will find your carpets fresh and clean smelling.

Carpet Stains

The steps above for cleaning carpet odours will likely do wonders for carpet stains too, but when you have an immediate situation or a stain that refuses to budge, sprinkling baking soda and vinegar might not have the quick effect you desire. From spilling red wine or soft drink through to pet accidents or vomit, carpets will absorb liquid, smells and leave you with a nasty stain as a reminder.

However, even the most stubborn stains can be removed with the right products and effort, and one of the fasted actings, most effective cleaners is dry laundry powder. You probably even have it sitting around already too, and ones that can be used to soak clothes or with oxy cleaning actions are often the most effective.

The process is simple, and the quicker you attack a stain the easier it will be to remove. Simply dissolve a sensible amount of powder in some warm water and then grab a towel or cloth that you’re not afraid to dispose of afterwards. Start by blotting out the stain, and change the water when it becomes dirty.

Stubborn stains may take some scrubbing, but be careful not to damage the carpet or rub the stain in further. Obviously, unnecessarily soaking the carpet will only hinder your efforts.

When you have removed the stain, remember to use some clean water to lightly scrub the area to remove all the detergent. Otherwise, the carpet fibres can become sticky and attract dirt and grime like a magnet.

We hope these tips help you effectively clean and deodorise your carpet. If you are still experiencing problems with your carpet, it’s best to call a professional and allow them to perform the cleaning for you.

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