Tips for Boosting Your Home Security


Nothing beats coming to a warm and lovely home after a long day or long trip. This is where you should feel the safest and more secure from any threats. So do you feel safe in your home? If you’re worried about someone breaking in and hurting your family or stealing your stuff, it’s necessary to boost your home security. Here are a few tips on how to make your home safer for everyone and everything inside:

Invest in an alarm system

Alarm systems simply work. It’s hard to estimate how many intruders are put off by these security measures, but it’s clear that many of them won’t mess with any property equipped with a home alarm. Even though some burglars wish to try to disable certain brands, most will simply move on to an easier target without risking arrest. All homes, regardless of the location and its contents, should be equipped with an alarm system, especially one that still alerts even when disabled.

Upgrade your doors

A key is placed in the door lock of the home’s front door

Firstly, it’s crucial to always lock your doors, especially when leaving the house. Most burglars simply walk inside without having to mess with locks and alarms, so keep your doors safely under the key. However, locking your doors might not do much if you still have those old locks, which are super easy to pick. Before you improve your door security, make sure to put up a deadbolt, which makes it so much harder for intruders to break inside. While you’re already dealing with the door, upgrade your door frames and hinges, so they can withstand a break-in attempt. And lastly, get a new lock. Smart locks are very popular today and they can be engaged and disengaged remotely.

Build a fence in your yard

Most burglars are looking for an easy target and they don’t want to mess with fences and gates. Fences need to be jumped over on the way in and out, which can make a person very visible, even at night. So you might consider investing in some sturdy aluminium fence panels that will allow you to protect your property and make it more impregnable from intruders. This fence can also ensure safer playtime for your kids and give your pets yard access without having to worry about them wandering away.

Add window sensors

Many burglars can easily slip in through the window, even those in rooms upstairs. That’s why it’s important to equip your windows with sensors that alert people when the windows have been opened. These sensors can be added to your windows (or doors) and you can get a message alerting you in case they open while your home is supposed to be empty. If you get smart devices, you can add them to your home security system or home automation setup. For instance, if the window opens when you’re not at home, the smart home system will play music, turn on the lights, etc.

Put up a security sign


If you need something fast that will make your home less appetizing for burglars, don’t wait until you can afford an alarm system or security cameras. Simply get a security sign that will say that your home is equipped with all that. As stated above, burglars don’t want to risk getting arrested, so they need an easy target. If there’s even a possibility of your home being secured, they will most likely give up on their crime. However, make sure that your sign is legit because experienced criminals know how to tell a fake one from a real one. You can also add security stickers to the windows and glass doors to put off thieves. Of course, there’s no guarantee that any of these will work 100%, but some bad guys will definitely be fooled.

Trim your landscaping

A garden bushes are being remodeled by family members

Burglars love to work undercover, and the best coverage often comes from your overgrown landscaping. Make sure all the bushes and trees in your yard are nicely trimmed and kept away from the house. If you love plants and want to use them as extra security for your home, plant thorny bushes under windows, and keep tree branches from reaching your roof or windows. This way, your yard will be more beautiful and burglars won’t have a convenient spot to hide behind.

Teach your family how to answer the door

Some burglars and thieves can ring the bell and simply be let inside to rob you while dragging your attention. Kids and the elderly as especially vulnerable to such scams. To keep your home and your loved ones safe, tell kids and seniors not to answer the door without permission and to be extremely careful when there’s a stranger at the door.

There’s nothing more important than keeping your home safe and secure so you have your little sanctuary from everything bad in the world. Use these security tips to make your home a fortress welcoming just to the chosen people. 

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