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Finding clients for your law firm shouldn’t be a herculean task. Although older methods of advertising were not so difficult, they made it difficult to track the success of the marketing efforts. Therefore, Attorneys sought out more efficient and faster means to effectively reach a large number of clients. The coincidental advent of the internet made it much easier to bypass all the usual uncertainties. 

So, whether your firm provides real estate deed attorneys or any other type, it is now possible to easily track your law firm marketing efforts. This gives you information on how your clients are finding you, which helps in deciphering which channels are profitable and how to increase your investments. This article is an essential guide to the various law firm marketing methods and how to track them.

Strategies, tactics, and plans for law firms

There is no trick to creating a lawyer marketing plan for your law firm. Also, there’s no strategy that is a sure formula to gaining the attention of potential clients. Building a marketing plan for your firm would be based on which tactics yielded the best outcomes in the past. Luckily, there are marketing plan templates available online to help you get started. There are many marketing options to pick from in promoting your establishment. Be it referrals, pay-per-click advertising, or SEO, every method has amazing benefits for your business, although not without some cons. If you are searching for valuable legal marketing tips for your firm, read further. 


Referrals have been the backbone of law firm marketing for ages. Word-of-mouth referrals, in fact, used to be the most popular way to generate new clients for law businesses. Lawyers gave out business cards with their phone numbers on it to their family members, friends, and colleagues, who shared them with others in need of an attorney. This helped greatly with attorney networking.

However, the drawback was that it was impossible to trace phone calls to a specific source. At times, the lawyers could manage to get the correct name of the person that gave the client their business card out of the client. Other times, they couldn’t. Though thanks to advancement in technology, it is safe to say that this is now a thing of the past.


PPC (Pay Per Click advertising) is another great way to track your law firm’s marketing efforts. This method involves paying a publisher every time your attorneys ads are clicked on their platform. PPC works by displaying certain ads when specific search terms are typed into the search bar of a search engine. It uses a bidding system that allows the business with the highest bid to pop up when a related term is searched. The top bidders get more prominent spots which usually translates to more clicks and thus, more traffic. Whenever your ad is clicked, you pay the search engine the fee you stated in your bid. 


There’s nothing more magical than a well executed SEO plan. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that increases your website’s ranking and visibility in “organic or unpaid” search engine results for specific search terms. The search terms your website is optimized for depends on the purpose of the site. For instance, if your law firm is involved in employment law in New York a search term you’d want your site optimized for is ‘employment attorney New York.’ SEO depends on Google’s ranking algorithm to get your website top visibility. This should be handled by a professional law firm website builder.  

Social media marketing

Every one uses social media these days and it only makes sense to take your firm to where the market is. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram have millions of visitors that could translate to clients for you if used appropriately. Social media marketing is a very effective method of law firm marketing and it delivers a lot of benefits such as:

Drawing attention to your brand which in turn attracts prospective clients or other people that could refer your firm to those that need its services. Proving your authority in the law field when you post knowledgeable and useful content that makes clients trust your firm more. 

Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing is a very profitable strategy for law firm marketing. However, it’s profitability is dependent on whether it is tracked or not. Tracking direct mail involves tracking the ways people that read the mail got in touch with your firm. This could be one of 3 ways:

    1. Your phone number.

    2. Your website.

    3. Your email address.

You can track direct mail marketing through a phone number by using a call tracking software. All you have to do is purchase a tracking number specifically for your mailing campaign and attach it to all your mails. 


The extensive reach of Radio makes it a perfect choice for law firm marketing. Radio also broadcasts to a diverse audience multiple times a week so by repetition, the idea of your firm is reinforced in their minds. With radio marketing, law firms have a great chance to reach a wide and diverse target market and promote their legal packages. When used effectively, radio is an amazing medium to improve your results, get outrageous value for your money and boost your ROI.


With all these in mind, you are now in the best position to create a perfect and sustainable trackable marketing plan for your law firm. Marketing also helps in promoting your attorney networking. So don’t waste your budget on testing waters! Do your research and make an informed decision. Trust us, your business would do way better than previous years.


Author Bio:

Tim Absalikov is one of the leading SEO experts in the country. He specializes in on-page optimization, link building, UI, and UX considerations, as well as a keyword search. Tim is the owner of Lasting Trend agency. He has worked with leading companies from many industries.

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