The Importance of Home Inspections for Buyers

Our houses are like systems that work with us and enable us to live better lives. It’s easy to take for granted the roofing and wall structures, electrical systems, etc when they’re functioning well. The only time we do notice them is when a pipe is blocked, there’s a blown-out fuse or a roof leak. Well, regular home inspections help you ensure that there are no dangerous or faulty elements in the house. 

Also, when you’re planning to purchase a house in Philadelphia, it’s important to get the house inspected first. 

So, what is a home inspection, and who can do it?

Home inspections are visual checks of the house focusing on the major components like roofing, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), the interiors and exteriors, etc. The inspector assesses the safety and functionality of these systems and gives you a detailed report based on his evaluations.

You may be able to spot major structural damages when you tour the house and the seller would ideally inform you of previous repairs. But, a home inspection is more detailed and can pick up on things neither the buyer nor seller are aware of. This is a great advantage for you as it makes the decision-making process easier. You wouldn’t want to move into a great house only to find out that you have to spend a fortune to fix the roofing that is over 20 years old!

Home inspections tell you which systems need to be changed or repaired, which systems are functioning well, and depending on the inspector, you may even receive references to carry out your repairs.

Professionals who are trained and are licensed are eligible to carry out the inspections. When you’re looking for a home inspector, make sure that they are certified in some way ( for example, they’re a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI). Inspectors with adequate training and experience will usually do a thorough job that you can trust.

What is the price of a home inspection?

Prices depend on the size of the house and on the type of inspection you are getting. 

The 3 major types are;

The standard home inspection,

Termite inspection,

Radon (and other harmful elements like asbestos) inspection.

They will have different prices and you can get a quote from the companies you wish to hire. However, we ask that you keep in mind that it is not the money that matters, but the quality of the inspection. A well-done inspection can save you a lot in the long run, while a cheaper but crudely done inspection can cost you!


The joy of buying a new home is doubled if it’s a house that you can trust and not worry about having to spend on it in the coming times. Remember to discuss the terms of the inspection and any subsequent repairs with the seller!

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