Tasks Your Wedding DJ Can Perform Besides Playing Music


There’s no denying that your wedding DJ will be responsible for providing great music on your wedding day. However, it’s essential to learn that the role of your wedding DJ doesn’t just stop at playing music, because the wedding DJ can also assist you with his or her other attributes. 

To help you know more about the various tasks that a wedding DJ can perform besides playing music, we have formulated the following guide that you should go through in its entirety. 

Varying Tasks A Wedding DJ Can Perform Besides Playing Music

1. Acting As A Wedding MC

According to a professional wedding DJ hire in Sydney, wedding DJs can work closely with the wedding MC or Master of Ceremonies, and sometimes even act as the MC by themselves (whenever required). 

The typical job of a wedding MC is to guide the wedding guests and thereby inform them about what’s happening at the wedding ceremony, while also letting them know what they can expect at the later part of the ceremony. The wedding MC uses a microphone in his or her hand and generally is the loudest person at the wedding ceremony. 

Since your wedding DJ already has the experience to act as the MC, you can expect him or her to encourage your guests to get on the dance floor by acting as the MC. Furthermore, your wedding DJ can also make announcements on the microphone, such as letting the guests know about the first dance or wedding speeches, as each event is taking place one by one. 

2. Creates A Wedding Day Plan In Advance With The Wedding Couple

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Constructing a wedding day plan is necessary to ensure that your wedding process goes along smoothly. A timeline must be created for each event taking place at your wedding ceremony so that you face no issues whatsoever. From your meal to the garter tosses and bouquet to the wedding dance – each wedding day event should have its ideal delegated time to take place. 

That’s why it’s prudent to create a timeline in collaboration with your wedding DJ so that you can obtain any necessary recommendations that can improve your original plan. The wedding DJ will ensure that your wedding plan or timeline flows as it should so that everything is on the right track. 

3. Adjusts The Ideal Sound & Microphone Levels

As the wedding DJ will be in charge of all the musical needs in your wedding ceremony, you can expect him or her to be able to perfectly control the sound/music levels. This is to ensure that the sound/music doesn’t cause discomfort to the wedding guests, especially for the guests who are nearby to the speakers. 

Furthermore, the wedding DJ can also adjust the correct microphone levels inside the wedding ceremony, especially for the wedding guests who are delivering speeches. This is to ensure that the speeches are perfectly loud & audible to the other guests. 

4. Offers Inspiration For Music For All Wedding Events

When it comes to a wedding ceremony, you can expect music to be present throughout the entire wedding day – from walking down the aisle to dancing on the dance floor. Since you’ll have multiple songs to choose from for all these special events happening simultaneously at your wedding, it can be possible that you may be at a loss for inspiration. Part of that reason is that your mind will be fixated on the wedding ceremony and the wedding guests, and less on the music. 

Thus, from creating your music playlist to helping you choose the correct song for the first wedding dance – your wedding DJ can serve as a big inspiration for your wedding day.

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