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More and more people these days opt for shopping online when it comes to all sorts of goods. But, those goods have to be stored somewhere. Basically, this is what eCommerce storage is all about. Most commonly, eCommerce companies utilize large warehouses in order to safely store all of the items they have for sale online. Of course, the larger the store, the more spacious the warehouse it needs, which can sometimes become truly overwhelming when the actual sorting, packing and storage are concerned. Those of you directly involved with eCommerce storage might like to learn more about the efficiency of contemporary storage solutions for eCommerce.

Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving is basically the same thing as static shelving but with an extra perk of mobility that significantly improves productivity of all eCommerce storage workers. Essentially, the place to put the items is the first thing to worry about when coming up with the most efficient storage space. Thanks to the mobility of the shelves it’s easier to rearrange the items and shelving as well as reach the items that might be too high up otherwise.

Pallet racking system

Pallet racking system

In case the warehouse in question is really large, pallet racking system might be a better choice compared to mobile shelving. Basically, items received in boxes can be easily stored onto these pallets, with an even bigger efficiency boost when forklifts and automation are used. There are several different types of pallet racking systems to meet the requirements of a plethora of eCommerce businesses. Most importantly, multi-tier pallet racking that utilizes vertical space is a rather popular option when it comes to making the most out of potentially smaller warehouse.

Automated warehouse

In this day and age, we can benefit a lot from technological advancements and this also include the eCommerce industry together with its storage and warehouse needs. Namely, thanks to the automated warehouse systems, you’ll get to save money, labor and time. This is crucial if you want to provide better service to your customers and actually start dealing with the competition accordingly. The speed of an automated warehouse allows for faster and more efficient stock placement and retrieval, regardless of the stock’s size and weight, which is incredibly helpful, especially when you’re dealing with a larger warehouse or heavier stock.

Computer tracking

In order for everything to work smoothly when it comes to your eCommerce storage, people working in the warehouse need to keep everything organized. The best way to know where everything is at all times is to keep track of the amount, type and location of the items in a computer. There are plenty of storage software options these days that can help with this task as well. Not only is this crucial for the staff, but it’s also an irreplaceable practice when utilizing drones and robotics inside the warehouse.

Robotized help

warehouse robot

Forklifts no longer have to remain just forklifts. We live in a digital and technologically advanced world, which also means that we have plenty of gadgets at our disposal. If you’re looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your eCommerce storage, robotizing a part of the warehouse staff could prove to be an investment worth your while. This means that you can use robots for categorizing, transporting and storing different items, which is obviously a huge help when you’re working with a large warehouse. Nothing can completely replace the human factor, but utilizing robotics for support is a smart move.

Drones to the rescue

If robots are a bit out of your league, turning to drones might be the modern storage solution for your eCommerce that you’ve been looking for. Essentially, drones can effectively scan, label, count, and photograph the stock and even map out the quickest route to the item’s location. Not to mention that they can arrive to the stock’s place quickly and easily. That said, drone support might turn out to be the ideal storage solution for modern eCommerce businesses looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of their warehouse. Also, drones can quickly connect to the mentioned software, thus directly sending the important information back to the computer.

You are not limited to just one innovative solution for your storage needs. The more you utilize contemporary systems and technology, the more efficient and profitable your eCommerce business will become. After all, customers value the speed and shipping quality a lot when ordering from an online store. No matter the quality of your products, if the word around the Internet spreads about the inefficiency and sloppy service of your shipping and transport, people will naturally turn to your competition. In that respect, managing your eCommerce storage and looking for the best possible warehouse for your business needs are all essential steps that can skyrocket your business and put you on the spotlight. Before Jumping into the deep end maybe it would be relevant to consider what exactly fits your needs. If you’re a E-Commerce Start Up you can easily find a self-storage solution which can work out to be cheaper and scale up from there.

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