Staying Fit During the Fall: The Essentials


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It is very difficult to stay motivated during the fall. The hot summer days have passed, the rains are more frequent than during the rest of the year, it’s getting colder and we cannot wear our favorite tees and skirts. However, even though the weather is gray and even though it’s colder, fall is actually a great month to be motivated for different things. One of the most challenging things is to keep going to the gym and working out, as you would rather stay home wrapped around in a blanket watching your favorite show or movie. But, this is when you are slowly starting to prepare your body for the next summer. Take a look at some of the basics and essentials on how to stay fit during the fall, because, yes, it definitely is possible.

1. What about hiking

One of the ways to stay active while not technically working out is to be active in new and unique ways. What could be better than combining the active lifestyle with the beauty of fall? This is why one of the best options would be to opt for a hike. Hiking is an incredibly fun and healthy activity, especially if you give 100% of yourself and if you get into it with positivity. On top of it all, the mountains are simply amazing in the fall, with so many different colors that will make you go crazy. Take your camera, bring your hiking shoes, and lose some calories while hiking. Not only is it healthy and good for your figure, but it is also actually much, much fun.

2. Make your gym at home

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Yes, fall might go to the gym a bit less frequently than before, and this is a perfectly normal thing. So, the first way to play this is by actually telling yourself you have to go, or turning a spare room in your home into a gym. The second is, of course, a bit pricier, but you don’t have to go big. You can simply invest in a machine that you will use a lot while staying at home. The great vibration platform machine is amazing for this purpose, as not only does it provide you with amazing results, it is also fun to exercise with it. This is also a machine that can be used for different exercises – versatility is important. If you have space, you can also get yourself some weights and incorporate them into your routine. Bear in mind that exercising at home might be more difficult than it seems, so you really have to be devoted.

3. Bike the fall away

Another way to stay active and enjoy the nature around you and fall at its best would be to hop on your bike and use it as the main means of transportation. If you work nearby (in the sense of not having to commute a lot) and if it’s dry outside, you can use your bike to get from point A to point B. This is, first of all, a very healthy way of traveling to work, not to mention that it’s extremely green and good for the environment. So, you will be saving yourself, the environment, and you will be enjoying the amazing fall colors all around you. Until winter or heavy rains come, you’re good to go.

4. Enroll in a fitness class

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The next piece of advice is very logical, yet it might be a bit difficult to actually take it. Enrolling in a fitness class is a great way to stay fit during fall, especially because you will be enrolling a group class, and it is always easier to work out with more people rather than by yourself. Also, fitness classes have a schedule, meaning that they start and end at a certain time, so there is no time and space for lingering at home. Pay in advance just to make sure that you will leave your house, and once you do that, you will simply have to attend them. Of course, you can also motivate yourself by buying new gym clothes, this is something that always works.

Being motivated to stay fit during fall is definitely challenging. But when you think about it, fall is yet another season, and it is a great opportunity to work on your body and bring it to perfection for next summer. Good luck!


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