Some Unconventional Ways to Get More Likes on Instagram

Social media marketers are always on the lookout for new strategies, which can bring in more leads and business towards their brand. When it comes to Instagram, the scope is endless for business marketers on this world’s No.1 photo and video sharing the social platform. However, it requires optimum skillfulness and careful planning in order to get more likes and followers on this highly competitive platform. In this article, we will discuss some proven strategies to get more Instagram likes for your posts.

Getting more Instagram likes

1. Tagging your location

Tagging location will help you to place your business across the map. This makes it so simple for the followers to find your photos and videos. The users can also see the post in which they are tagged with a specific location. This can be along with making a post by:

  • Clicking on the ‘Add Location’ option
  • Searching for your location
  • Select a location and post the image or video

Location is a clickable link, which shows all the photos and videos related to that place. So, your business gets associated with a specific location also which improves visibility on local searches.

2. Use the ‘Explore’ tab.

This is also mentioned as Explore page among the marketers. It is full of personalized content and topics for you to choose from. As we can see on These are curated based on your history, previous actions, and engagement patterns. It is a magnified view of yourself. This can be effectively used to get more recognition by placing high on Explore to get a steady traffic flow.

3. Know your audience

To improve your chances on Instagram, you should know your audience first as who your target customers are and what their interests are. It is important to create an ideal customer persona and find those who are looking for хочу лайки в инстаграм and then prepare targeted content. It is also essential to listen closely to your audience to know what they like to get engaged with. Use proper hashtags also which can attract your target audience’s attraction.

4. Post consistently at the right time

The modern-day web users know what to expect and when. They tend to engage with content, consistent, but not overwhelming on their feeds. You can establish credibility and authority with a healthy posting habit. Your brand should be recognized as a thought leader in a specific industry. Consistently share content and engage your audience effectively. Building loyal customers can surely generate more revenue, which is cheaper than acquiring new customers.

5. Run contests

Experts suggest marketers run some “like-to-win” type of contests to get more people attracted towards it. This is a very simple, but powerful marketing approach. Just ask the users to like on your Instagram photo to enroll in a contest and win prizes. This makes connecting with your potential audience much easier.

Above all, when it comes to running campaigns on Instagram, it is essential to set your goals for it and then closely monitor the progress of it to make any changes needed. There are many tools online which help you assess the performance of each of your marketing campaigns on various platforms.

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