Proficient Social Media Channel Instagram Based Influencer Marketing Platforms You Need To Know More About

Whenever Facebook acquired Instagram in the year 2012, the world was in a shock. The purchase price was $1 billion and that was nothing less than a big surprise at that time. Just a little over 4 years after, this same purchase looked like the smartest thing that Facebook can even think of right from its inception.  The statistics will help you realize what big of a decision this was at that time.

  • The ad revenue for the year 2017 was over $2.81 billion and that’s an amount you can always count on for sure.
  • Moreover, the user engagement with the said brands is likely to be 10 times higher than that on the FB, an around 84% higher on Twitter.
  • It is a known fact that around 50% of the IG users will follow a minimum of one brand and 70% of the widely used hashtags over here are branded as well.

If that was not enough, you can add on the fact that the new shoppable photos feature on IG is helping this platform to be more dominant in the market, especially covering the social marketing landscape. It is also a great way to improve followers for Instagram for the businesses out there.

Latest attention towards IG

With the attention growing on IG for businesses, there is also a downside to it. Brands are known to work hard but now they have to work a lot harder than before to get noticed, and even to sustained engagement. What turned out to be the bad news for the brands will turn out to be good news for the influencers. There are more than 500 million active users on the IG platform and companies are likely to funnel their message through the help of influencers if they are planning to reach the right audience.

A gold rush for the influencers

These years, right from 2017 were proven to be the goo rush time for the influencers as the brands will try to race to stake claim on multiple groups as possible. With the rush, you need some of the right tools to just locate new talent, while at the same time, trying to manage multiple campaigns and people involved. Keeping this point in mind, finding that decent influencer-based marketing platform becomes of the paramount concern. Depending on the social media platform you are trying to break into with influencer marketing, you might want to research marketing agencies such as or others that can provide businesses with various influencer marketing strategies that can span over multiple social media platforms too. Always remember that if you are targeting IG as your choice, remember that the best won’t do. There are some platforms better than others whenever it is about finding stars shining brightly on IG.

Taking help from Upfluence

Noted to be one of the self-service based influencer discovery platforms, Upfluence is known for targeting the influencers on many social channels like IG and blogosphere. It is available at a lower cost when compared to most of the competitors, which will make them a reliable choice for the smaller to medium sizes businesses. Even after that, Upfluence has claimed to bag some of the big names too including AXA, Microsoft, PayPal and more.

  • Even though the highest offering of this system is the search software, Upfluence can do a lot more than just hunting down the influencers. It will allow you to just manage preferred influencers into the right lists.
  • It can offer you complete access to the personal details of the contacts. You might further have the right to just export details in bulk and then contact them at the right time.
  • The database of this section is mind-blowing and the algorithm indexes right over 500 million content items. It is here to analyze every possible piece for the right engagement and reach.
  • It means you can always search for influencers using any of the imaginable keywords. If you want, you can further just drill down searches to some of the long tail terms now.

Upfluence mainly grew out of two major tools, Publishr and Façade. The marketing is now long gone but the management tools are still in use. It means that the software helps in offering various tools for easing out the complications of finding and then making contact with the influencers and keeping track of campaign success too.

Heading on with Neo Reach

The idea of Neo Reach was first pitched while staying at Stanford University, where they proposed NeoReach as a way to just connect brands with the social media influencers. This idea proved to be quite popular in nature and encouraged the backbone members to create and develop their vision. With the help of seed funding in the year 2014, the duo was able to generate around $1.5 million, which turned Neo Reach into reality.

  • The brands planning to take help of Neo Reach have to pay an annual fee, which will be then customized depending on the firm’s needs. This source is here to target some of the bigger firms with sizeable marketing based departments.
  • This source finds the influencers with the help of a sophisticated algorithm, which will be mining the social web for the relevant data. So the influencers will not just sign up for the said service. However, anybody genuinely influential might find them to be included within the 3 million people of its database.
  • One major focus of this platform is to provide extensive data array. You can always search for posts as relating to selected keyword and Neo Reach will be the one to help you find influencers to create online conversations about the keyword. If you want, you can always refine research on wider factors, which will be including the psychographic and demographic ones.
  • This source is known to use Artificial Intelligence for determining the best results. It will learn from searches so the more you get to use the platform, the better suggestions you will come up with.

Once you have your hands on the influencers, you can use the campaign management tools for assisting you in managing the campaigns. These sources further have their own share of calculating ROI now.

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