Sings of a toxic workplace and how to handle it as an HR


From negative communication patterns to low morale, from irregular attendance to high turnover rate, the following are indicators that your workplace is sapping your employee’s energy and mental health. Plus a helpful resource to make your employees happy and improve the workplace environment.

Poor communication

There is little feedback on work between management and employees. If there is, it’s mainly harsh and negative rather than constructive. Rarely is there any positive recognition. There is little communication between coworkers. Communication between management and staff feels at odds– us v. them mentality.  

Leadership is unsupportive

Leadership does not seem to listen or value employees ideas. Employees goals and growth as an individual are not reflected in their work. The management does not support them or does not seem to care about their success.

Negative outlooks

Everyone in their office seems to have a bad attitude. It may be a result of intense competition placed on co-workers, high-turnover, employee burnout or office drama. Your gut is telling you something is wrong.

No work life balance

Employees are consistently working more than their personal limitations. The quality of their personal relationships has diminished. Their health has also taken a backseat to their job. Losing sleep and increasing stress may cause them to be sick more often. They find themselves dreading going to work on a daily basis. In some cases, employees might not even be entitled to paid time off for the 2022 Federal Work Holidays. Although there are occasions when decisions regarding holiday requests can be overturned, it is vital that any work-life balance concerns are dealt with by HR departments fairly and within a specified time frame.

High turnover rate

When the workplace environment becomes dysfunctional, employee morale and health goes down, that’s when they start to leave the organization. So if you notice a high turnover rate in your company or a specific department, take that as a sign of a toxic workplace.

Handle Toxic Workplace: Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs are designed to improve employees health and wellness. They encourage engagement among employees,  improve health condition as well as provides a means to express appreciation between employees and management. So, if you are in HR and want to turn your toxic workplace into a healthy and collaborative place to work on, Try CircleCare.
CircleCare Workplace wellness app provides companies with a platform and tools to motivate their employees via positive reinforcements and rewards to establish and maintain a healthy workplace environment.

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