Questions to ask a professional rug cleaner while hiring

We have assumed that you have a list of shortlisted and best rug cleaners in your city. But you are stuck on the same page as you do not know who is ‘the one.’ Well, you can call them one by one and have a formal discussion about the work they have done in the past and what their approach is. If you are still confused, we have a list of questions to be asked during this meeting. 

Your motive should seek appropriate answers and check the responsiveness and attitude of the concerned person. So, sit back, relax, and continue with the questionnaire. 

  • How many years of experience do you have in rug cleaning? 

This is the most critical question to be asked. If you already have the answer, ask them about the past challenging projects they have done. Have they ever quitted any rug cleaning work because due to complications or staff problems? Try to be a bit casual while asking these questions. 

  • Which types of rugs have you cleaned before? 

A specific one, this question focuses on the types of rugs they can treat well. For instance, persian rug stain removal, wool rugs, delicate rugs, embroidered rugs, stained rugs, and so on. If they have a great deal of experience, then it is a strength. In case you have unique and regular rugs in your home, convey your requirements suitably to the cleaning company. They can answer whether they have dealt with such rug type in the past or not. 

  • What cleaning solutions and tools do they use? 

It is another specific question; you can expect an elaborate answer from the company. Listen to what they are saying. If they are not confident about which tools and cleaning liquids they use, it is a clear red flag. A professional will explain which tools and methods are used to clean a specific type of rug, how much effort they put in vanishing stains, and which alternate strategies they have in mind. Such companies are perfect, have a systematic approach, and provide you with defined results. 

  • How much time will it require to wash a rug? 

Even if the time aspect differs from rug to rug or the stains’ intensity, you are required to know the estimated duration. A pro will clearly give you an idea about the time, but a beginner will wander and fumble up even if he sees the rug personally. It is advisable to allow the cleaner to check the rug before giving an estimate. 

Apart from these questions, you can also ask about the charges, the number of staff members, and their availability. The more you ask, the more you know about the company practices. 

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