Top 7 ways to write a captivating offer letter for employment

Writing letter of employment

An offer letter is a proposal or a proposition by the company to the potential employee to join an organization. It highlights the details of the job agreement. Usually, employees should sign the offer letter at the time of joining a company. Specific details in the offer letter regarding the terms and conditions of the job can prevent any legal difficulties or confusion that can occur between the company and the employee in the future.

Offer letter for employment purposes uses a formal template. It should have a proper subject line, salutation, and company details. Every paragraph of the letter should be synchronized and coherent. Each important detail of the job should be mentioned legibly and clearly. If you’ve got the right potential candidate for an open role at your company then The next process is to give them a job offer for the new job. Although the letter of job offer is sometimes just one official move in recruitment, it’s a significant one, especially for the person who is being offered the job, as they may have put in a lot of effort to get themselves the job from working with a resume writing service to help them stand out, to practicing for days before the interview. Since this letter is so important, you should learn how to put together an outstanding work offer message for a number of scenarios.

The basics of an offer letter

You asked your top candidate to come to work with your business in your last in-person interview or via a telephone call. Excited about this bid, they said yes. But getting it in writing is the final move and any uncertainty about details, such as salary, exemption status, place, and start date, would also clear up. They should also be included in writing, even though you listed this information.

They have officially accepted the job when the new recruit signs the letter (whether it’s sent or mailed by email). This is when the onboarding process starts with the human resources department of your company ( direct deposit options, job permit, company policies, tax documents, compensation,  etc.)

Top ways to write a catchy offer letter that the person does not think of refusing: –


  1. CLARITY: The offer letter should provide the terms and conditions of the job clearly so that there is no scope for any issues arising out of uncertainty.

The conditions of the job agreement should be listed in the bullet points, it can throw light on each condition.

  1. SIMPLE LANGUAGE: The offer letter should use simple terminology. There should not be the use of legal terms and words which the candidate could not understand.
  2. EXIT TERMS: Every company has its own exit policy; the offer should mention the details of exiting in a separate paragraph in the offer letter for employment.

It should be kept in mind that the candidate reads the term and signs the necessary documents at the time of joining.

  1. HIGHLIGHTS CONDITIONS ON ACCEPTANCE: The Job offer letter format should provide information on the requirement of documents and credentials by the company in case the candidate accepted the job. For instance, education certificate copy, passport size photograph, and so on.
  2. COMPANY’S ACIEVEMENT’S: Company’s achievements can be mentioned in a few introductory lines. It can be done to attract the person and showcase the success of a firm in the specified field.
  3. GROWTH OF EMPLOYEES: The offer letter can, in a few lines, mention the growth of previous employees who joined the organization.
  4. TEMPLATE SHOULD BE FORMAL: All required fields of the offer letter should be present in the letter. The language of the letter should be official and formal.

An offer letter is a kind of official suggestion to a candidate to accept the position in the organization. It should have all the necessary details with simple and clear language.

Internal Job Offer Template

In an internal job offer letter you won’t have to explain some of the advantages or conditions of employment. Add what’s special, such as salary, goals, and job description, to this new deal.

Subject line: (Company name) Job Offer

Dear (Name),

We are glad to send you the full-time job of (position name) reporting to (manager name) at (company name).

The salary per (hour/month/year) for this job is ($X) and includes details of advantages). The duties of your position are now included (primary duties of the job description).

Approval of your acknowledgment of this offer (month/day) would be appreciated and can be mailed to this email address. In the meantime, please let (contact name) know any queries you have.

We’re happy to have you on the team!

(Hiring manager/HR rep name and contact details)

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