Organizing a House Party? Food Ideas Without Spending Much

When it’s a party at your home, you are more worried than being excited? Well, not a good thing we’ll say and the reason is just food that you would have to serve. Though not an insignificant reason, it still has some easy and accessible solutions like deploying only the amount of food which is required with full planning and cooking up things by yourself as far as you can. But you know what’s the best one? It’s ordering some delicacy in bulk, which would really seem inexpensive to you.

And that inexpensiveness comes with some exciting deals from several fast-food outlets. Get your hands on those Domino’s pizza coupons and snag luscious rebates worth 45% along with a Large3-Topping Pizza or Medium 3-Topping Pizza for just $7.99!

Foods You Can order Without Spending Much

Does that seem like too much talking? Then you must be in a hurry- yeah, it could be a last-minute arrangement too. So, let’s start with the list of the food that you can order from outside to save time, and meanwhile, you can pay attention to something else too- Have you invited that ‘Every time I forget to invite Friend’? Just reminding you!

1. Jack In The Box Tacos

Tacos!!! Isn’t it the listing on the menu which we would like at every party? But the most vital thing is to keep your party low profile on the budget front, so prefer to order it from Jack In The Box so that you can even offer them to the most unwanted guest of yours too. Yes, that’s possible because the platform will let you pick up two Tacos for just $.99. Now, don’t act like you have missed the price in that sentence just because it seems impossible and order it now.

2. Chicken McNuggets

Well, take it from me- everyone gonna love you as the party host after this as you are definitely going to order these Nugs from McDonald’s. Why? Well, will you really be able to leave it off when 50 pieces are what you are getting, and that is just for $9.99? I mean that grease’s smell alone can fetch anyone, and this is about a heap of those McNuggets. But yes, in case you forgot to ask for extra sauce, be ready with some alternatives to be saved from embarrassment.

3. Party Wing Meal From Pizza Hut

If you were using Pizza Hut just for Pizzas, then let me tell you that the outlet has many more enrollments in its menu than the name suggests. And the best from those listings for a house party is the wing meal. You can’t disagree why it’s getting called ‘Meal.’ Let me burst out the suspense- you will serve 24 wings, three sauces, and two orders of waffle fries to your visitors if you are ordering the meal. One more thing, I know that’s a lot, but please respect Wings, okay?

4. Fries From Five Guys’ Kitchen

Fries, Kind of a must at any party, right? Here’s the platform which can save you from the thought of keeping fries off from the party table. I mean, what are you gonna say when one would ask for such an obvious thing? Now, don’t search for answers and get known of the huge Fries bag from Five Guys. You think that would be enough for your party guests? Well, I think that’s quite enough to keep the burden low on your pockets and serve the huge crowd that must be getting ready to test your hosting skills.

5. Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster

The dessert should remind you of sweet bonding with your guest, I think, and there is nothing greater than sharing in that term, which can be brought with this pack of Ben & Jerry’s. We are talking about the single ice cream tub with hot fudge and caramel servings. Already started imagining scooping out the ice cream from the single tub and that chit chat with your friends and family? Well, then stop, there is more you can have in your imagination- Four whole bananas, a browny, three cookies. Also, remember that the ice cream has 20 flavors though it couldn’t be your call alone which one you would choose unless you don’t want to share it with anyone.

Hey, hold on! Did I forget to mention that Ben & Jerry’s will deliver you the order by themselves even if it’s 2 AM in the clock? Hope I notified you well before you are halfway to the outlet.

Note: Sharing these food ideas can be like a ‘missing on the chance to impress your own guest.’ Sometimes, sharing could not be good!


So, whether it’s a birthday or a get-together or even a ‘need a break’ thing that has brought the occasion for the house party just make it the best (not only for guests but for your budget too) and hope our suggestions would be enough for that. Also, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, among other restaurant chains, offers some great deals on their exclusive party food- check it out. So, count on the guest and plan well order, and make a wonder out of the party!


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