Organize Your Daily Life with These Simple Excel Templates

If your life is a series of broken commitments, forgotten shopping, and missed deadlines, then it’s time you get organized. The good news is there is no shortage of excellent tools you can use to organize your daily life better. For instance, you now have access to free Excel charts. And that’s just for starters.  

When it comes to organizing things, using Excel templates is the way to go. Regardless if you are managing a busy household or a team of employees, Excel templates can get your work done faster and can help ensure projects run smoother. If you are considering using Excel templates to organize your daily life, start with the following.

Budgeting Template

The budgeting template is undeniably one of the most popular spreadsheets available since many people need help tracking their income and spending. While many credit card companies, banks, and credit unions provide programs that can break your spending into categories, having your own spreadsheet with a set budget can help warrant you live within your means.

Travel Template

This can seem ironic, but planning a relaxing vacation can be stressful. Fortunately, a travel template can come in handy. From figuring out your budget down to creating your packing list, there’s so much you need to cover to ensure your vacation goes as seamlessly as possible.  

In addition, an itinerary template can also be very helpful. An itinerary template is deemed a must-have as it is where you will store information pertaining to your flight, packing list, travel dates, etc. You can also list down your blood type and that of your companions and emergency contact numbers.

Medication Template

Some statistics indicate that there’s close to 76 million Baby Boomers. This means if you are not one, you are most likely looking after one. As you tend to aging family members, following a complex medication list is almost a given. The medication template is designed to help make your job (and life) easier.

A medication template will contain detailed instructions on when to take specific medications, the conditions they address, dosage, refill number, what the medication looks like, and other important information.

Event/Project Template

From birthdays to weddings to remodeling projects, you will need a tool to keep you on track and help ensure you don’t miss anything important. The project/event template can also help turn massive projects into bite-sized tasks. This template can also help you create mini deadlines so everything is done on time or ahead of schedule, and check out this link to find the best schedule maker.

For instance, if you are planning a surprise birthday party for your significant other, you can set deadlines months prior and figure out where you can buy things you need for the party or how you can ensure everyone dear to your loved one can attend.

Gifts Template

Santa is not the only one who can benefit from using a list. With your gift template, you can keep track of everyone you want to buy presents for, be it friends, family, co-workers, etc. The list can also help ensure you stay on budget and you don’t give the same gift from years prior.

Meal Planner Template

If you are on a restrictive diet or want to minimize food wastage, a meal planner template can be your powerful ally. The template can help you organize your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week.

You can also use it to organize your grocery list. The meal template can also be used to track down all the dishes you consume each meal, including side dishes and the foods you snack on.  


Organizing your daily life can be challenging without any help. Fortunately, innovative tools like Excel templates can make a world of difference and can set you up for long-term success.

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