Why Shopify Can Be One of the Best Options for Your Online Store?

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With the growing popularity of eCommerce sites; every product seller is now trying to showcasing their products on their online stores. But a question always arose to every business owner mind which platform they should use to set up their online store. There are many platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc. Every platform has some advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will discuss about the advantages of Shopify and why you can consider Shopify for your online store.

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Here are top 7 benefits of Shopify

1.Setup the store is very easy

Unlike other platforms you don’t need to host your domain on another company. Shopify has its own hosting and the easy to use drag and drop designing features make it very easy to design your store. Maximum things that required to set up a store is easily available in Shopify. So, you need to be a little technical to set up your store or hire shopify development company.

2. Growth and Scalability

When your business is growing; unlike other platform you don’t need to upgrade the hosting or other features from your end. You just need to pay some additional cost; they will take care of the other things like hosting upgradation or adding other features.

3. 24* 7 Support

As it is all in one platform, you can easily get every kind of problems solution from their support team. You can check the review of other Shopify users; they are delighted with their services. But you can’t get these facilities in any other platforms that are not self-hosted.

4. Better Security

For an ecommerce site where a money transaction is a vital part; security matters a lot. In Shopify the team take care of this thing very sincerely. Time to time they provide upgrade regarding security and this is only possible because besides the storefront they also provide the hosting.

5.  Mobile friendly:

Probably you know that in 2016 the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop or laptop users for ordering a product online. Also, Google give preference to the websites that are responsive in mobile device in terms of ranking. In Shopify maximum themes are mobile friendly and many free apps are available that you need to make your store mobile friendly.

6. Easy Payment Option

A reliable and secure payment option makes this platform one of the best in the market. Besides the common get ways like PayPal or Stripe you can use other payment options by using apps. But a con of the Shopify payment system is that it charges 2% of every transaction that can be increased up to 0.5% for Shopify plus plans. Moreover, the Shopify platform offers five pricing plans for anyone to choose from based on their needs

7. SEO Friendly

Like WordPress plugin store there are many apps available in Shopify app store. One of them is SEO Booster that is completely free to use. This app measures your pages performance and provides the solution of the problems. Also, you can add or edit the basic things like title tag, meta description by using this app. A proper SEO technique for your service pages or product pages is always very important, whether it is hosted on Shopify or any other platform. So, you can hire a professional Shopify SEO agency in this purpose.


Due to this platform’s flexibility and ease of use the number of Shopify user is increasing daily. Now there are 500K+ stores that are using Shopify.






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